This is when Eddy tells the truth about his brother and then the kids of the cul-de-sac loves the Eds and ends the movie in Weekenders in Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Big Picture Show.

Edd: [rushing towards Eddy with Ed in tow] "Eddy, speak to me!" [reaching him] "Are you all right?"

Eddy: [pushing his hands away unhappily] "I made it all up, Double D. Everything about my brother was a lie. I made things up so people would like me. Think I was cool. But boy was I wrong. The scam, my brother...this...when am I gonna learn, Double D?" [Tears leak from his eyes.]

Edd: "I think you just have, Eddy." [Eddy grins, glad his friends still accept him.]

Kevin: "Grab him!"

[The kids rumble towards the Eds.]

Ed: "No! Take me!"

Eddy: [cowering] "Okay! I'm sorry! Honest! I didn't mean to hurt you guys!"

[The kids grab Eddy and toss him in the air, catching him each time, and celebrating his victory.]

Rolf: "Let Rolf rub the pit of victory, Ed-boy!" [He rubs Eddy's armpit.]

Nazz: "I'm so glad you're okay, dude." [She hugs Eddy and gives him a big kiss.] "You're awesome."

Eddy: "I am?"

Kevin: "I gotta admit, pal, that was so choice."

Eddy: "It was?"

[Eddy grins. As the kids and the Eds congregate, the Kanker sisters go over to Eddy's brother.]

Lee: "What a deadbeat this guy turned out to be."

Marie: "He don't look so tough."

[Suddenly, a bus honks as it pulls in. It parks by a truck, and the doors swing open. Jimmy cowers while everyone else looks at it, confused. A voice speaks from it, and the Eds start in fear.]

Captain Melonhead: "The time of reckoning is now, rapscallions!"

[Two masked figures leap from the bus and rush towards Eddy.]

Captain Melonhead: "It's Melon Time!"

Eddy: "WHERE'D HE COME FROM? Jonny! No! Wait!"

[Splinter grabs the Eds and tosses them in the air. They land on top of one another, and Captain Melonhead leaps on top of the pile of Eds.]

Captain Melonhead: "No thanks are necessary, citizens." [He grins proudly.]

Sarah: "You idiot! Leave our friends alone!" [She attacks him.]

Kevin: "Back off, melon dweeb!" [He joins in the attack.]

Rolf: "Leave some produce for Rolf!" [He leaps into the fray. Jimmy helps the Eds up, and the fight concludes.]

Kevin: [wiping his hands] "Sorry about that. Say, let's go to my place! Jawbreakers are on me!"

[The kids cheer, and the Eds grin.]

Jimmy: "Party at Kevin's, yay!"

Eddy: "We did it, Double D! Everyone loves us! We're finally in, baby!"

Edd: "And it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie, Eddy."

Ed: "Let's sing a song!"


"When you stub your toe

And it hurts you know"

Ed, Edd, Eddy, Jimmy, Nazz, Sarah, Kevin & Rolf:

"Friends are there to help you

When you step on your face

And your teeth are misplaced

Friends are there to help you

When you're flying low

And you're giving a show

Friends are there to help you

When you take off your shoe

And your feet stink pee-yew

Friends are there to help you."

[As the kids sing the song, Wilfred eats out of Captain Melonhead's downed helmet. The Kankers are focused on something else entirely: dragging Eddy's brother inside.]

Lee: "First one inside gets to give him mouth to mouth!"

[When the Kankers finish putting Eddy's brother inside, Marie reattaches the door, and shortly thereafter, a flurry of girlish giggling erupts. As the kids finish the song, the screen fades to black, and Edd uses his labeler one last time, in order to put a label reading "The End" on the screen.]

Jimmy: "Second verse, same as the first!"

[The credits roll as the kids sing.]