(fade to right outside the house, Edgar, Stromboli, Syndrome and Clayton comes out with a basket with Franklin, Bear, Beaver, Goose, Fox, Dodger, Rita, Francis, Tito, Einstein, Leonard, Slyly, Babar, Celeste, Lord Rataxes, Victor and the cats except Franklin's parents and granny, Dany, Klaus, Lady Rataxes, Harriet, Rabbit, Badger, Snail, Raccoon, Skunk, Pom, Flora, Alexander, Basil and Isabelle)

(Edgar bumps at the trash can)

Stromboli: Shush! Not so loud!

(Edgar walks backward and pokes at the stick on the tree, gasping)

Syndrome: Oh, brilliant.

Clayton: It's only the stick.

(Edgar turns to it and chuckles)

(He puts the basket on his motorcycle and sees that Franklin and his friends and the cats still asleep)

(He takes his motorcycle and carries them away from Paris)

{cut to windmill, backfiring of Edgar's motorcycle wakes Napoleon and Cooler}

Napoleon: Lafayette. Hey, Lafayette.

Cooler: Guys, come out.

[Lafayette, Whopper, Nose Marie, Bright Eyes and Howler show up from hay]

Napoleon: Lafayette!

Lafayette: Hey, I'm right here!

Napoleon: Listen.

Cooler: Did you hear that?

Nose Marie: I have no idea.

Napoleon: Wheels approaching.

Lafayette: Oh, Napoleon, we done bit six tires today. Chased four motorcars and a bicycle and a scooter.

Napoleon: Hush your mouth! [he raises an ear] Two-cylinder, chain drive, one squeaky wheel on the front, it sounds like. [they start walking] Now, you go for the tires, and I'll go right for the seat of the problem.

Lafayette: How come you always grab the tender part for yourself?

[Lafayette steps on his own ear and falls down]

Napoleon: 'Cause I outrank you, that's why. Now stop beating your gums and sound the attack!

[Lafayette barks]

Howler: (in Napoleon's voice) No, that's mess call!

Lafayette: Made a mess of it, huh?

Napoleon: You can be replaced, you know.

Lafayette: Okay, let's charge!

[Lafayette lunges forward and falls flat because Napoleon stands on his tail]

Napoleon: Wait a minute, I'm the leader! I'm the one that says when we go. Here we go. Charge!

[the dogs attack Edgar, Syndrome, Stromboli and Clayton, they loses the basket with cats, during the chase seven dogs get into his motorcycle]

Edgar: Nice doggy! Nice doggy! Heel, roll over, play dead!

[Now dogs have the motorcycle all for themselves]

Lafayette: This sure beats runnin', Napoleon.

[The motorcycle breaks apart, more comic chase scenes untill Edgar gets on the main part of the motorcycle and the dogs have the passenger seat]

Lafayette: Step on the gas, Napoleon!

Napoleon: I got her wide open!

{Edgar escapes, pan to Duchess lying under a bridge}

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