{fade to stables}

Roquefort: Frou-frou, here comes Edgar!

Frou-frou: Hurry, Roquefort, hop aboard the motorcycle and for goodness sakes, do be careful!

[Edgar appears with a fishing pole and in squeaky shoes]

Edgar: Frou-frou, tonight operation catnapper will be completed. Wish me luck. Fisherman's luck.

Roquefort: Bye, Frou-frou! Whoop!

[Roquefort soon falls off the motorcycle]

{fade to windmill and the dogs}

[Edgar's squeaky shoes wake up Napoleon]

Napoleon: Lafayette! Lafayette! Listen.

Lafayette: Oh, shucks, Napoleon. That ain't nothing byt a little old cricket bug.

Napoleon: It's squeaky shoes approachin'.

Lafayette: Oh, cricket bugs don't wear shoes.

Napoleon: Hush your mouth. Let's see. They're oxford shoes. Size nine-and-a-half. Hole in the left sole, it sounds like.

Lafayette: What color are they?

Napoleon: They are black - how would I know that?

[Edgar takes off the shoes]

Napoleon: Hey, now the squeakin' has stopped.

Lafayette: I still say it was a little old cricket bug.

Napoleon: I'm the leader. I'll decide what it was. It was a little old cricket bug.

Lafayette: I'll see ya in the morning, Napoleon.

[Edgar tries to pick his hat from Napoleon, but it falls on Lafayette]

Napoleon: That's my hat, I'm the leader!

Lafayette: Well, shoot fire. Don't get sore at me! I ain't done nothin'.

[Napoleon sleeps with his paws over his hat. Edgar scritches his side]

Napoleon: Ooh, whoo, heh. Mmm. ohh. mm. ooh, oh, heh. oooh! Mm-mm.. that feels good, Lafayette.

Lafayette (asleep) that's all right.

Napoleon: Mm-mm. ooh.. ooh! A little lower and faster there.

Lafayette (asleep) I'm scratchin' as fast as I can.

Napoleon: Right there. That's good. Oh. ooh, ooh!

[Edgar picks the hat by teeth and hids in the hay]

Napoleon sinks back: Ooh.

[Edgar lifts the cat basket where Lafayette slept in and lets him slide to Napoleon]

Lafayette: Mmm. It's warm and, mm-mm, cosy.

[Edgar pulls on his umbrella and it makes the horn blow. Edgar falls on them]

Napoleon: Hey!

Lafayette: Ahh!

Napoleon: Wha-wha-what's goin' on? Lafayette, what in tarnation you trying to do?

Lafayette: Oh, I get blamed for everything.

Napoleon: Wait a minute! Where's my hat? Where-- and somebody stole my bumbershoot! 

Lafayette: Well, where's my beddie-bye basket?

Napoleon: And whoever it is, is gonna get it and get it good.

Lafayette chuckles: This time I get the tender part.

Napoleon: Hush your mouth, now come on.

[Lafayette steps into Edgar's shoes and walks]

Lafayette: Hey, Napoleon! Ooh, it's them shoes again.

Napoleon: Yeah, yeah, I hear 'em.

Lafayette: Napoleon, I'm plumb goose-pimply scared!

Napoleon: Now this is no time to turn chicken. I got a feelin' this case is gonna bust wide open.

[Lafayette hits Napoleon, they run and hit each other]

Lafayette: D-d-d-did you see him?

Napoleon: No, no, he sneaked up behind me and tailgated me.

Lafayette: Well, he didn't hurt me, he hit me on the head.

Napoleon: Shh! Listen! Sounds like a one-wheel-- ooh.

Lafayette: A one-wheel what?

Napoleon: You're not gonna believe this, but it's a one-wheeled haystack. Hey, there it goes1 Come on! After it!

[They jumps into hay with Edgar and fight]

Lafayette: I got him, I got him, I got him, I got him!

Napoleon: Ow! That's me!

Napoleon: Get him, get him, get him, get him!

[Edgar escapes with his things]

Lafayette: Well, c'est la guerre, Napoleon. I guess you can't win them all. [Napoleon hits him on the head] Ow! Ooh, ooh, ooh!  Criminiddly!

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