Here is how Edmond vs Malefor and "I Am Eternal. I Am Death" goes in Yuna and the Desolation of Malefor.

Princess Yuna: (used her magic and zapped Malefor)

Malefor: (breaths fire)

Gobba: He's a toughy!

Prince Edmond: Hang on, Yuna! (used his magic and zapped Malefor)

Malefor: You Fool!

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Edmond.

Malefor: You're a fool to challenge me!

Prince Edmond: Bring it on, Malefor!

Malefor: (breaths fire)

Prince Edmond: (blasted some more)

Emerald: Way to go, Edmond!

Malefor: (breaths fire)

Prince Edmond: This ends now! (blasted some more)

Malefor: (fell to the ground)

Then, Malefor got upset.

Malefor: You think you've seen the last of me!?

Princess Yuna: Oh no!

Princess Skyla: He's too strong!

Malefor: It's time I pay Gargoy a visit! (took off)

Princess Yuna: No!

Malefor: I Am Eternal!....I Am....Death!

Princess Yuna: (feeling remorseful) What have we done?

                                                                                     To Be Concluded

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