This is how Edward and Toby's corruption goes in Battle of the Machine Robos.

[Edward and Toby leap out of the Groundbridge and find Airachnid sitting on a tree branch]

Edward: [whistles] Hey, Airachnid!

Airachnid: [jumps down] Edward! You've returned.

Edward: That's right.

Toby: And you are going to pay for what you did to Gordon.

[Airachnid charges and a fight ensues. Edward and Toby try to fight Airachnid off but are quickly corrupted by her]

Airachnid: You were saying?

Edward: We will do as you say, master.

Toby: Yeah, what Edward just said, Master.

[The Groundbridge opens again and Airachnid flees. Thomas comes out]

Thomas: Toby! Edward! Where are you?

[He soon finds the pair and they turn to face him]

Thomas: Oh, thank God. There you guys are.

[Thomas suddenly sees that his friends have been corrupted]

Thomas: Oh no! You two got corrupted by Airachnid.

[Thomas brings Edward and Toby back to the Autobot Base where he puts them in the glass room with James, Gordon and Henry]

Cody Fairbrother: Let me guess, Airachnid corrupted Toby and Edward?

Thomas: Yes, Cody. She did.

[In the glass room, the corruptions are arguing]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ratchet, can you help me stop the five corrupted Trainbots from arguing?

Ratchet: Of Course. [to the corrupted Trainbots] Hey! Knock it off!

[Ratchet tries to keep the corruptions under control]

Thomas: [walks up to Arcee] Arcee, who is Airachnid anyway?

Rigby: C'mon Arcee. Can you tell us who Airachnid is?

Arcee: Oh, alright.

Rainbow Dash: We're all ears.

Kaos(Good Clone): Let's hear it.

Arcee: Airachnid once killed my partner, Tailgate. She too was once an Autobot before she was a Decepticon.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh my.

Arcee: And she'll do anything to return to her true form. Matau, can you form a band called Matau and the Skylanders?

Matau T. Monkey: You got it, Arcee. Sir Dan, Wreck-it Ralph, Garfield, Buck, Predaking, Darksteel and Skylynx. How are you lot like to be in a band?

Predaking: I would be most honoured.

Sir Daniel Fortesque: And I believe you two, Mordecai and Rigby, just became Matau and the Skylanders' newest members.

Darksteel: I'm in.

Buck the Weasel: You can count me in, mates.

Mordecai: Me and Rigby are in.

Skylynx: This experience will be joyful for me.

Garfield: Absolutely.[looks at the camera] Jon and Odie, I just became a part of the band if it's okay with the YouTube Viewers.

Wreck-it Ralph: I am happy to be in a band.

Arcee: There you go. Now, let's go find Airachnid.

Rigby: Yeah, and then we use our music to kick her friends butts.

[Ratchet opens the Groundbridge and they step through]

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