This is how Eevee Family Entertainment goes in Sleepover with the Eevee Family.

Princess Yuna: So, Brian, Vinny, Sylveon, What're we doing tonight?

Brian Griffin: We're doing some entertainment.

Sylveon: That's right, Alright, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, You girls go first.

Espeon: Yes, Mother, Ready, Girls?

Leafeon: Ready as you are.

Glaceon: Set.

Snowdrop: Are they dancing?

Princess Yuna: They sure are.

Dusty Crophopper: Look at them go.

Ishani: Amazing.

Elsa the Snow Queen: Aren't they great together, Aaron?

King Aaron: They sure are, Elsa.

Nyx: Hooray!

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Bravo!

Brian Griffin: Hmm, I wonder where Umbreon is.

Sylveon: Me too.

Meanwhile, Umbreon was getting his friends.

Umbreon: Friends, It's time for a surprise show for Princess Yuna and her friends.

Back at Sylveon's house.

Game Player and Game Facer: (switching their colors)

Angus and Fergus: (doing the same thing)

Princess Yuna: Nice going, Guys.

Snowdrop: Must be some entertainment.

Arthur: Well, Cec, You know what this means.

Cecil: Dancing time?

Pain: Dancing time!

Panic: Let's do this thing!

Elsa the Snow Queen: I wonder what other performance will we see next.

Sunbeam: I hope it's Psychic tricks.

Thunder Spectrum: Or Lightning.

Blue Star: Or Ice and Fire.

Arthur: I am but the lovely Leafeon!

Cecil: And I am the graceful Glaceon!

Pain and Panic: (morph their bodies together into Espeon)

Pain: And I am the Elegant Espeon!

Princess Jubilee: What!?

Sunbeam: That's mean!

Nyx: Ridicules!

Espeon: Oh, That's it! (as She, Leafeon and Glaceon prepare they're attack)

Panic: Uh Oh!

Glaceon, Leafeon and Espeon: (used their attacks and blown Arthur, Cecil, Pain and Panic away)

Nyx: There they go!

Leafeon: That should teach them a lesson!

Espeon: You said it, Sister!

Princess Yuna: Boy, They sure don't like that at all.

Vinny Griffin: I'll say they don't, Yuna.

Then, Umbreon came.

Umbreon: Come, Everyone, I have something to show you all.

So, Umbreon took them to see his friends.

Princess Yuna: Where are you taking us?

Umbreon: Meet my friends, Gothitelle, Gothorita, Gothita, Weavile and Gible

Dusty Crophopper: Hello there.

Weavile: Greetings.

Gible: Hi.

Snowdrop: Hello.

Sunbeam: Hi.

Willow Apple: Howdy.

Stary: Hello.

Princess Skyla: Hi there.

Gothorita: Hello.

Eliza: Hi.

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