Eine Kleine is a song from Total Drama: World Tour.



Ryan's and Sora's Digimon Adventure

Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: Would Tour

Keep it down, so we can win the loot
[Matau T. Monkey]
Try, we will, but, Owen's gonna fart
No! Toot!
Toot on
[Ryan F-Freeman]
But, you're still out of luck
[Heather and Ryan F-Freeman]
You suck the lemon chuck
[Aqua and Gwen]
Wait 'till you're (Ryan's) voted out for being such a lout!
[Courtney and Ventus]
We'll dance a jig when (Ryanosa) Chris shoves you out the plane!
[Alejandro and Jessie Primefan]
When you don't hold back and lead the pack, truly there is nothing stopping you, you, you.
[Leshawna and Ryan Tokisaki]
Swimming in your eyes, it's butterflies, and suddenly there's nothing we can't do.
Sorry, Harold (Zoey).
[Lindsey and Collide Bandicoot]
Wait. Something's itching in our brains
Someone's back in the game
Our former flame
And Tyler's (Lea's) your name
You're Tyler (Lea) just the same!
Oh, Tyler, (Lea) Tyler, (Lea) Tyler, (Lea) Tyler (Lea) back you came
You remember us? HA!
They remembers us!
[Tyler and Lea]


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