The El Arca Big Six are a group of six animals formed together by their friendship and their hardships during their destined trip inside Noah's Ark. They are also the permanent members of the Fantasy Adventure Team in the Benny, Leo, and Johnny's Adventures Series.


  • Xiro - A lion prince next in line to become king from his father Sabu. He is married to Kairel and have a son named Little Simba (nicknamed L.S.)
  • Kairel - A young lioness who is a former royal secretary who fell in love with Xiro and tries to help make Xiro a better king by making better choices. She is married to Xiro and have a son named Little Simba.
  • Dagnino - He was a leader of the Predators and once attempted to take over the role as king from Xiro, but later reformed after meeting Teresa Tigress and later disbanded from the Predators. He is married to Teresa and have a son named Lightning.
  • Teresa Tigress - A beautiful but tough and strong-willed female tiger who convinced Dagnino that forcefully taking over as king is never the true key in life. She is married to Dagnino and have a son named Lightning.
  • Panthy - A seductive black panther who also worked as a Predator, but later reforms along with Dagnino. She is married to Bagheera and have a twin son and daughter named Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Bruma - A dramatic lioness who was Xiro's choice as his partner aboarding Noah's Ark but was presumed dead after a hippo landed on her and fell into the flood. However, she somehow survived the flood and made peace with Kairel. She is married to Tigger and have twin daughters named Tiana and Danielle.


  • Xiro is voiced by LionheartCaptain. Dagnino is voiced by startanica. Kairel, Bruma, Panthy and Teresa are voiced by FusionAngelFuAn.

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