Here is how El Chu and Rochelle's Anniversary and Yuna is Guest of Honor goes in The Journey Back to Life Part 1.

El Chupacabra: Oh, Rochelle. Isn't it a maravilloso Anniversary?

Rochelle: Mais oui, El Chu. A lovely Anniversary!

Dusty Crophopper: Aren't they a wonderful couple?

Snowdrop: Could be.

Princess Yuna: It sure is great to be the guest of honor.

La Muerte: Are you enjoying this, Edmond?

Prince Edmond: You bet I am, La Muerte.

La Muerte: Good. So, What blessing do you offer them?

Prince Edmond: I made you something.

La Muerte: Like?

Prince Edmond: A Ruby and Emerald Sculpture of them. What do you think?

La Muerte: That's amazing.

Prince Edmond: What do you guys think?

El Chupacabra: It is magnífico! Muchas gracias, muchacho.

Rochelle: Merci beaucoup, Prince Edmond.

La Muerte: That is the most wonderful gift you have given them. (kissed)

Prince Edmond: (turns his cheeks red) It was nothing, La Muetre

La Muerte: No, It was worth their love.

With Yuna and the others.

Manolo Sánchez: So, Yuna. How're you enjoying being guest of honor to El Chupacabra and Rochelle's Anniversary?

Princess Yuna: It was great, Manolo.

Maria: That's great to here.

Dusty Crophopper: I sure am happy for Yuna.

Ishani: Me too, Dusty.

Princess Skyla: This is the best Fiesta ever.

Human Rainbow Dash: Are you enjoying it too, Sunbeam?

Sunbeam: I sure am, Rainbow Dash.

Soon, Love Machine song begins.

Princess Yuna: What's up with him?

Manolo Sánchez: (singing trying to convince his love to his wife)

Princess Yuna: (unplug)

Manolo Sánchez: Yuna, what are you doing?

Princess Yuna: You'll see, Manolo.

Ramone: Low and slow.

Manolo Sánchez: Ooh.

Dusty Crophopper: This should be good.

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