Here is the Transcript for Element of Lightspeed.

Narrator: Our Planet Earth is a peaceful world where Friendship and Harmony was brought, Until Nightmare Moon appears and plans to take over. But then, Ransik gathers Twilight Sparkle and her friends to form a new group of heroes to fight against Nightmare Moon. They are Power Rangers Harmony Force.

The episode begins with Pinkie Pie making breakfast in the kitchen.

Pinkie Pie: Breakfast is Ready!

Rainbow Dash: Aww yeah!

Fluttershy: They're good enough to eat.

Twilight Sparkle: All right, Girls, Let's dig in!

So, Twilight and the girls sat down and ate they're breakfast. Just then, There was a knock on the door.

Twilight Sparkle: (opens the door) Carter, Ryan.

Carter Grayson: Hello, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash.

Applejack: What brings you two all the way here?

Ryan Mitchell: My dad send us to recruit you girls and your friends.

Fluttershy: What for?

Carter Grayson: There's trouble on Mariner Bay.

Rarity: Oh dear, What kind of trouble?

So, The Mane 6 gathered their friends and Ransik's alliance and begin their trip to Mariner Bay.

Apple Bloom: Let me guess, There's trouble going on over at Mariner Bay?

Applejack: That's right, Apple Bloom.

Twilight Sparkle: The Lightspeed Rangers are gonna need all the help they can get.

Spike: I agree, Twilight.

Meanwhile in Nightmare Moon's Lair.

Nightmare Moon: We must get our revenge on those Power Rangers somehow.

Sombra: I'm sure we'll think of a way.

Tirek: My lady, We have a visitor.

And that visitor was Prince Olympius.

Prince Olympius: Hello, Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare Moon: Prince Olympius. Ruler of all demons. Let me guess, You've come to seek vengeance.

Prince Olympius: Yes, I've come to seek revenge after what the rangers did to my mother, Queen Bansheera. Especially Diabolico.

Nightmare Moon: Maybe there is a way we can work things out.

Prince Olympius: I'm listening.

Nightmare Moon: The Power Rangers we seek to destroy are on their way to Mariner Bay. What can I do to help?

So, Nightmare Moon and Olympius made a deal.

Nightmare Moon: With your help against the rangers, We'll help you seek your dark purpose.

Prince Olympius: (shook her hand) Agreed.

The two shook hands.

Back with the Mane 6 and their friends, They've reached Mariner Bay.

Sunset Shimmer: We made it!

Rainbow Dash: So, Where's the danger? I'm ready to kick some butts.

Then, The rest of the Lightspeed rangers came.

Dana Mitchell: Perfect timing, Big Brother.

Ryan Mitchell: Didn't think we'd make it, Didn't you, Dana?

Chad Lee: Hey, Guys!

Joel Rawlings: Glad you all could make it.

Kelsey Winslow: How'd you all been?

Twilight Sparkle: Well, We were just about to head over to Mariner Bay.

Kelsey Winslow: Oh really, We were on our way here too.

Chad Lee: Come on, Captain Mitchell's waiting.

Soon, They've reached Lightspeed Aquabase and met up with Captain William Mitchell and Angela Fairweather Rawlings.

Ransik: (dressed as a navy commander as he salutes) Afternoon, Captain Mitchell.

Captain William Mitchell: (salutes) Afternoon, Ransik.

Ransik: We came as soon as we could.

Sunset Shimmer: So, What's the emergency, Captain?

Captain William Mitchell: It's Prince Olympius, He has returned.

Twilight Sparkle: Who's Prince Olympius?

Ransik: He is the ruler of all demons and Queen Bansheera's son. And I thought Vypra was any different.

Diabolico: It's true, I knew he'd be as much of a threat like his mother.

Captain William Mitchell: Be careful out there, Rangers. We don't know what they're up to at this rate.

Ryan Mitchell: Don't worry, Dad. We got this.

Carter Grayson: Ryan's right, Sir, We'll stop Prince Olympius, Let's go, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm with you, Carter.

Chad Lee: Ready, Applejack?

Applejack: Darn tootin', Chad.

Angela Fairweather Rawlings: (kisses her husband) Good luck, Joel.

Joel Rawlings: Thanks, Angela. Let's do it, Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: Way ahead of you, Joel!

Kelsey Winslow: Are you up for it, Rarity?

Rarity: Indeed I am, Kelsey.

Dana Mitchell: Get ready, Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: I'm more then ready, Dana.

Ryan Mitchell: It's now or never, Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash: Way ahead of ya, Ryan.

Outside around Mariner Bay, Batlings are attacking.

Rainbow Dash: Batlings at 12:00!

Twilight Sparkle: It's Morphin Time!

The Mane 6: Harmony, Full Power!

The Harmony Force Rangers morphing sequence begins.

Lightspeed Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue!

Ryan Mitchell: Titanium Power!

The Lightspeed Rangers morphing sequence begins.

Twilight Sparkle: Magic!

Applejack: Honesty!

Fluttershy: Kindness!

Pinkie Pie: Laughter!

Rarity: Generosity!

Rainbow Dash: Loyalty!

Altogether: Harmony Begin, Our Power Within! Power Rangers Harmony Force!

The Harmony Force Symbol appears.

Carter Grayson: Red Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Chad Lee: Blue Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Joel Rawlings: Green Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Kelsey Winslow: Yellow Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Dana Mitchell: Pink Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Ryan Mitchell: Titanium Ranger, Rescue Ready!

Altogether: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue!

The Lightspeed Symbol appears followed by the color of smoke and explosions as the rangers fight.

Sunset Shimmer: Good Luck, Guys.

Soon, The rangers do their team efforts one by one.

Rainbow Dash: Take this, Loyalty Crossbow!!! (fires at the Batlings)

Rarity: And this! (hits another away)

Twilight Sparkle: That's the spirit, Everyone!

Carter Grayson: Twilight, Heads up! (fires at the Batlings behind her)

Twilight Sparkle: Whoa!

Twilight uses her Magic Sword with one attack against the Batlings.

Twilight Sparkle: Strike!

Chad Lee: Time for a little teamwork.

Applejack: Right behind ya, Chad.

Applejack used her Honesty Axe at the Batlings as Chad ducks.

Joel Rawlings: Pinkie, I need help here!

Pinkie Pie: OKAY!

Pinkie and Joel fought back to back with their weapons at the Batlings.

Kelsey Winslow: (kicks one Batling) Now, Rarity!

Rarity: Generosity Staff!

Rarity uses her Generosity Staff and fires as Kelsey ducks down.

Dana Mitchell: Fluttershy, Over here.

Fluttershy: Let's do it, Dana.

Fluttershy and Dana combined the Kindness Dagger and the Rescue Blaster and fires at the Batlings.

Ryan Mitchell: Let's do this, Rainbow!

Rainbow Dash: Gotcha covered, Ryan!

Rainbow Dash and Ryan combined the Loyalty Crossbow and the Titanium Laser and fires.

Ryan and Rainbow Dash: Awesome!

Meanwhile, Sunset was keeping watch on the rangers.

Sunset Shimmer: (sigh) Man, Everyone's really good at saving the world as Power Rangers, But I wish I could be a ranger someday.

Suddenly, One of the demon general, Triskull appeared out of nowhere.

Sunset Shimmer: Huh, Who's that?

Triskull: I am Triskull! You're coming with me!

Sunset Shimmer: (as Triskull grabbed her) STOP IT! LET GO OF ME!

Triskull: (evil laugh as he disappear with her)

At Nightmare Moon's domain

Nightmare Moon: Hmmm, What's keeping Triskull so long?

Triskull: Here I am, My lady. Sorry I'm late. (as he brings Sunset Shimmer)

Prince Olympius: Aah, Excellent work, Triskull.

Triskull: Thank you, Prince Olympius.

Sunset Shimmer: Ugh, Nightmare Moon? What do want from me?!

Nightmare Moon: It's not what I want, Sunset Shimmer. It's what Prince Olympius want.

Sunset Shimmer: Huh, Are you Prince Olympius?

Prince Olympius: Yes, I am.

Sunset Shimmer: What do you want me for!?

Prince Olympius: With you as my slave, My mother will be resurrected and all of Mariner Bay will bow at our will!

Sunset Shimmer: You won't get away with this! I'll never be your slave!

Prince Olympius: I'm afraid you don't have a choice.

So, Olympius cast a dark spell on Sunset and turned her into a demon.

Prince Olympius: At last! It is done! Now my mother will return! (evil laugh)

Soon enough, Queen Bansheera was resurrected.

Queen Bansheera: (evil laugh)

Nightmare Moon: Aah, Excellent.

Prince Olympius: Welcome back, Mother.

Queen Bansheera: Olympius, My son! How long has it been?!

Prince Olympius: It has been ages since you were in the Shadow World because of Diabolico and the rangers.

Nightmare Moon: We're in need of your help, Queen Bansheera. We have the same goal to destroy the Power Rangers.

Queen Bansheera: Of course I'll help you, Nightmare Moon. You helped my son on freeing me from the Shadow World, I return the favor.

So, They begin their evil plot.

Meanwhile back at Lightspeed Aquabase.

Twilight Sparkle: My goodness, It was hard work from fighting the Batlings.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, We've never been so tired since forever.

Spike: Guys!

Carter Grayson: What's wrong, Spike?

Spike: I was outside with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo making sure everyone in Mariner Bay is safe! Then, We just saw some demon capturing Sunset out of nowhere!

Applejack: Wait, Sunset's gone?!

Spike: Yes! That monstrous demon took her!

Ryan Mitchell: That's gotta be the work of Triskull.

Ransik: Diabolico, What do you make of it?

Diabolico: (use his power on the monitor viewing the image of Sunset's capture) It can't be!

Captain William Mitchell: What!?

Diabolico: It's Triskull! He was one of Trakeena's warriors!

Loki: It's true, He was bad news!

Ransik: Nightmare Moon must've resurrected him. But what does Olympius want with her?

Diabolico: He wants to avenge his mother, Queen Bansheera!

Sweetie Belle: Guys! Look! (points at the monitor) It's Sunset!

Scootaloo: And she's a demon now!

Rarity: What ever shall we do?!

Twilight Sparkle: We gotta help her before more damage will be caused in Mariner Bay.

Ryan Mitchell: Diabolico, Do you know a way for Sunset to be human again?

Diabolico: (opens a book) Yes.

Scootaloo: Well, That's good news.

Diabolico: Itassis took note on this book how I was free from Queen Bansheera's clutches and how Ryan is from mine. Sunset has to regain her memory.

Apple Bloom: But uh, How is that gonna save Sunset?

Applejack: One of us is gonna have to go out there and stop all of this.

Twilight Sparkle: I'll go.

Spike: Are you sure, Twilight? It might be dangerous.

Twilight Sparkle: I have to, Spike. She's our friend, And we can't let anything happen to her.

Ryan Mitchell: I got your back, Twilight.

Captain William Mitchell: I'll set the location for you on the radar. Good luck to you both.

Ryan Mitchell: Thanks, Dad.

Diabolico: I'll go with you to help Sunset.

Loki: Same goes for me, Diabolico. And this time, We're in this together.

Diabolico: Thank you, Loki.

Soon, The Haromony Force and Lightspeed Rangers arrived the warehouse.

Twilight Sparkle: Okay, We're in the warehouse, Now where's Sunset?

Carter Grayson: Let's keep our eyes pealed.

Suddenly, The Batlings made an ambush.

Rarity: (screams)

Twilight Sparkle: Batlings!

The rangers fought off the Batlings.

Carter Grayson: Twilight! You and Ryan go with Diabolico and Loki to save Sunset!

Ryan Mitchell: Don't worry, Twilight. They'll hold them off as best they can!

Loki: Ryan's right, Twilight. Sunset needs our help!

Diabolico: Let's go! We don't have much time!

Twilight Sparkle: Let's do this!

Inside the warehouse, Sunset was on her Demon rage.

Demonic Sunset Shimmer: HAAA!!!!!

Queen Bansheera: Be ready, Olympius. All of Mariner Bay will fear our wrath.

Prince Olympius: Yes, Mother. And thanks to Nightmare Moon, Everything will be ours to control by force!

Ryan Mitchell: I don't think so!

Triskull: What do we have here?

Twilight Sparkle: We're the Titanium Ranger and Magic Ranger! And we're here to free Sunset and stop you and your son, Queen Bansheera!

Queen Bansheera: Humph, I think not. She's our slave now! Nothing you can do will break my son's spell!

Ryan Mitchell: We'll see about that!

Diabolico: Sunset Shimmer is still inside this demon somewhere, And we'll get her out!

Prince Olympius: You, Loki and the Rangers are welcome to try and talk some since into her, Diabolico. But it's no use for her humanity to be restored!

Diabolico: You won't control her for long, Prince Olympius!

Prince Olympius: Sunset! Destroy them!

Demonic Sunset Shimmer: As you wish, My prince.

Twilight Sparkle: No, Sunset!

So, Twilight and Ryan fought off Sunset.

Loki: Sunset! Snap out of it!

Diabolico: Sunset! Stop this madness! Don't let Prince Olympius control you!

Demonic Sunset Shimmer: I've heard enough from you, Take this, SUPER NOVA!!!!

She fires a powerful energy ball towards Twilight and Ryan

Ryan Mitchell: Twilight, Look out!

Twilight Sparkle: Sunset! (gets back on her feet and demorphs) It's me! Twilight! I'm your friend! Try to remember me! Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Spike and I are your friends! Think back!

Just then, Sunset remembers about how she became friends with the Mane 6.

Flashbacks played, Showing how she became friends with the Mane 6 and Spike.

Sunset Shimmer: T... Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: It's okay, Sunset. It wasn't your fault. You had nothing to do with Principal Cinch.

Sunset Shimmer: I'm.. I'm so sorry...

Twilight Sparkle: It's okay, Sunset. We forgive you.

Sunset Shimmer: Why now? After all the trouble I've put you through?

Twilight Sparkle: Because we're your friends. And that's what friends are for. (echos)

Back in the present, Sunset regain control of her own will.

Sunset Shimmer: (transform back into human and passed out)

Prince Olympius: No! It can't be!

Queen Bansheera: That's Impossible!

Ryan Mitchell: Yes, You did it, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: I did it!

Diabolico and Loki took Sunset.

Loki: We'll take Sunset somewhere safe. You two meet with the others.

Diabolico: Go!

Ryan Mitchell: Come on, Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: Right behind you, Ryan. Harmony, Full Power! (morphs back)

Diabolico: Good luck, Friends. (to Loki) Let's go, Loki.

Diabolico and Loki took Sunset to safety.

As the rangers got back together.

Rainbow Dash: Twilight, Ryan!

Carter Grayson: Are you guys okay?

Twilight Sparkle: We're all right.

Ryan Mitchell: Sunset is safe. Diabolico and Loki are taking her to safety.

Then, Queen Bansheera, Prince Olympius and Triskull appeared.

Triskull: You will pay for your insolence, Rangers!

Queen Bansheera: This is where it ends!

Prince Olympius: It's time for demons to rule this world!

Carter Grayson: Guys, Let's show them what we're made of.. And give them everything we got.

Twilight Sparkle: We're with you, Carter!

So, The rangers fought off the demon lords.

Rainbow Dash: HIYA!!! (kicks Triskull)

Triskull: UGH!!

Rarity: HIYA!!! (hits Olympius in the chest)

Prince Olympius: UGH!!!

Carter Grayson: Let's finish them off!

Twilight Sparkle: You got it, Carter!

So, The Harmony Force Rangers use their weapons as each of the V-Lancers and the Titanium Laser were absorbed.

Twilight and Carter: V-Lancer, Magic Mode!

Applejack and Chad: V-Lancer, Honesty Mode!

Pinkie Pie and Joel: V-Lancer, Laughter Mode!

Rarity and Kelsey: V-Lancer, Generosity Mode!

Flutterhsy and Dana: V-Lancer, Kindness Mode!

Rainbow Dash and Ryan: Titanium Laser, Loyalty Mode!

Queen Bansheera: It can't be!

Lightspeed and Harmony Force Rangers: Fire!

The demon lords are brought down.

Ryan Mitchell: We did it!

Rainbow Dash: That takes care of them!

Nightmare Moon: You haven't won yet, Rangers! (cast a spell)

Queen Bansheera: (as she, Olympius and Triskull became bigger) At last, Armageddon has begun!

Prince Olympius: Now to destroy this world!!

Triskull: (laughs evilly)

Twilight Sparkle: It's not over yet.

Cater Grayson: Supertrain Megazord!

The Supertrain arrived just in time.

Cater Grayson: Engines to full power!

The Supertrian makes it's speed.

Carter Grayosn: Supertrain Systems Ready, Transform!

The Supertrain begins it's transformation.

Angela Fairweather Rawlings: Begin Assemble!

Carter Grayosn: 4 and 5, Engaged! 2 and 3, In possession!

The Supertain transformed into the Supertain Megazord.

Cater Grayson: Supertrain Megazord, Full Power!

Ryan Mitchell: Rescue Zord and Soalrzord, Mobilized!

The Rescue Zord and Solarzord are gathered together.

Ryan Mitchell: Engaging Battle Booster! Initiating Lightspeed Solarzord Sequence! 3! 5! 6! Activate!

The Rescue Zord were combined into the Lightspeed Megazord and transform into the Lightspeed Solarzord.

Ryan Mitchell: Lightspeed Solarzord, Full Power! (on communicator) We're ready, Dad!

Captain William Mitchell: Very good, Ryan. (to the Harmony Force Rangers) Harmony Force Rangers, Get ready to combine your Zords with the Omega Megazord!

Twilight Sparkle: You got it, Captain Mitchell!

Ransik: Sunset, Care to do the honors of summoning the Harmony Zords?

Sunset Shimmer: Sure thing, Ransik!

Sunset called the Harmony Zords.

Sunset Shimmer: Harmony Zords, Arise!

All the Harmony Zords are gathered together.

Carter Grayson: Omega Megazord, Initiate!

The Transformation of the Omega Megazord was complete.

Cater Grayson: It's all yours, Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks, Carter. Harmony Zords, Combine!

The Harmony Zords were combined with the Omega Megazord into the Omega Elemental Zord.

Harmony Force Rangers: Omega Elemental Zord, Power Up! 

The Megazords powered up and fought against the Demon Leaders.

Spike: Wow, That is awesome!! 

The fight with the demon lords goes on until the Power Rangers finished them off. 

Carter Grayson: It's over, Queen Bansheera! Turbines, Fire! 

The Supertrain Megazord finished off Queen Bansheera. 

Queen Bansheera: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (exploded) 

Ryan Mitchell: It's time you go back to the after life, Olympius! 

Prince Olympius: I'm afraid not! (blasts him with his attack at the Lightspeed Solarzord absorbed his attack) What!? 

Ryan Mitchell: Locked on target! Fire! 

The Lightspeed Solarzord finished off Prince Olympius. 


Twilight Sparkle: Let's finish this! 

The Omega Elemental Zord prepares the final strike at Triskull. 

Harmony Force Rangers: Omega Elemental Zord, Final Strike! 

The Omega Elemental Zord finished off Triskull. 

Triskull: THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!!!! (exploded)

Twilight Sparkle: Harmony Wins, Evil Loses!

Sunset Shimmer: Alright! We won!

Carter Grayson: Great work, Everyone.

Back at Lightspeed Aquabase.

Dean Cadance: Excellent work, Everyone. 

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks, Cadance.  

Sunset Shimmer: And Thank you, Twilight. For not giving up on me.

Twilight Sparkle: I never gave up on a good friend like you, Sunset.  

Captain William Mitchell: We can't thank you enough for your help, Ransik.  

Ransik: Anytime, Captain Mitchell.  

Carter Grayson: Thanks for all your help, Twilight. We couldn't have done it without you.  

Ryan Mitchell: Especially your friends.  

Twilight Sparkle: Anytime, Cater, Chad, Joel, Kelsey, Dana, Ryan.  

Captain William Mitchell: And good luck on your journey back home.  

Shining Armor: Thanks, Captain Mitchell.  

And so, The Mane 6 and their friends returned home.

                                                                                The End  

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