Elf Engine is a christmas movie created by Transformersprimefan and co-directed by Ryantransformers017. 


Thomas is raised by elves and their engines in the North Pole. But when he finds out that he's just a normal tank engine, he heads to the Island of Sodor to find his owner but when he meets him, they don't get along very well. When Santa Clause lands on Sodor, It's up to Thomas to save the Christmas Spirit and get everyone to believe in Santa.


Prologue: Thomas stows away

The film opens with Papa Elf and Papa Elf Engine. They tell the story of how they adopted the Tank engine Thomas. The scene then turns into the engine yard. The engine builders put their newest E2 Tank Engine, Thomas, in his shed. When they leave, Thomas is just about to go to sleep until he hears a noise. A sack lands on the floor of the yard and Santa Claus comes down. Thomas peeks out of the window to see what's going on. When Thomas sees the sack, he puffs sneakily out of his shed and into the sack before Santa even sees him. Back at the North Pole, the elves and their engines have finished their work. Ryan said that they need to start preparations for next Christmas. When Santa sees Thomas come out of the sack, he is shocked. Ryan informs Santa that someone must've stowed away to the North Pole. When one of the elves reads Thomas' name, they find out that he stowed away. Ryan asks Santa where did Thomas come from. One of the elves engines says that Thomas must stowed away at the engine yard. Santa decides to let one of the elves adopt Thomas. Papa Elf and Papa Train Elf do so.

Thomas learns about his past

As Thomas grows, he learns a lot. When he is about like 22 years old, he learns that he is a lot different from all the other elf engines. Thomas is testing the jack in the box toys while Ryan watches the progress. Later, Thomas overhears Ryan talking to another elf. Ryan asks the elf what does he mean. The elf tells him that sooner or later, Thomas is going to find out that he is just a regular Tank Engine. When Thomas overhears this, he's shocked. Ryan asks Thomas what's the matter. Thomas says he's fine but needs some alone time. He goes to speak with Papa Train Elf. The old elf engine tells him that a man named Sir Topham Hatt owned him. Thomas


  • This film is based on the movie: Elf.
  • This film shows how Ryan F-Freeman first met Thomas.



  • Pennies from Heaven
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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