Ella is a contestant on Total Drama.

Ella is a songbird with a personality as angelic as her singing voice. She is highly enthusiastic and enjoys expressing her emotions through music and dance, even when the time isn't appropriate. She was a huge fan of Total Drama World Tour and reveals in heraudition tape that she got herself banned from her local mall for singing the season's musical numbers. Her voice is hypnotic to the fauna of Pahkitew Island; they love her and she loves them right back. It seems the only thing that could break her happiness is mistreatment of her animal friends or being rejected. Ella also has her head permanently up in the clouds, as she is oblivious to theother contestants' annoyance of her incessant singing, though mostof them hold nothing against her as a person. She is almost constantly in a great mood and is open to doing whatever it takes to cheer somebody up.