Eloise LaBelle is a six-year-old girl with a wild imagination best known from Kay Thompson's books, Eloise at the Plaza and more and has a couple of movies based on the books and even an animated series from 2006. Eloise is often unsupervised and spreading fun all around her, much to the dismay of the hotel staff, except for Bill who has no problem with her whatsoever. She has so far only appeared in Christmastime at the Plaza, a project made by PerkyGoth14.


  • Eloise has a crush on Atticus's son, Akito Fudo, and he likes her back. They even share a kiss together, despite being young children.
  • According to the story, her family name is LaBelle, and has an older sister named Giselle LaBelle, who goes to boarding school in London and her mother is named Sofia LaBelle who goes to Europe. Eloise does not have a father because he left by the time Sofia was pregnant with Eloise and with Giselle going to boarding school, Eloise's mother sends a tutor to educate Eloise and give her Nanny as well to look after her.
  • It is so far unknown if she will make other appearances, but due to Eloise becoming Akito's girlfriend, this is likely.
  • In the actual Eloise, Eloise is an only child, her mother is not named, her father's whereabouts are unknown, and she doesn't have a last name.


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