Ember McLain is a ghost villain and guitarest and the main antagonist of My Little Pony Transformers Prime: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.


Ember was first seen in a cafe playing her guitar and absorbing the anger of everyone there. She then heard an explosion from outside and was quick to realize what it was: Equestrian magic. She decided to use it to make everyone adore her and chant her name. Six moons after her witness, Ember went to Canterlot High posing off as a new student. When Sunset Shimmer informed her of the Musical Showcase, Ember saw this as an opportunity to put her plan into action. At lunch time, Ember stood outside the cafeteria, waiting for the right moment. Later, she used her music to convince the students to turn the Musical Showcase into a Battle of the Bands so they could see who was the best at CHS. A recently reformed Danielle and her friends were suspicious about Ember and needed to find out what was happening so they went to the principals to discuss this, only to find that they had been put under Ember's spell also. They then decided to inform Twilight Sparkle of the situation. Sunset Shimmer sent Twilight a message via a book Princess Celestia gave her. The message got to Twilight and Optimus and they went to the human world and reunited with their human friends. They then try to figure out a way to stop Ember from taking over the human world. They eventually managed to come up with a plan and confront Ember at the pre-Battle of the Bands and tried to use the magic, but it didn't seem to work. Ember commented on how serious they were about winning. This started a big arguement between the bands in the room which caused green mist to come out of them and Ember absorbs it into her guitar and grew stronger. She decided to keep an eye on the Rainbooms, calling them the "Rainblossoms". She then had the idea of getting rid of them by trapping them under the stage. That night, Ember

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