is the daughter of Rarity and Spike, She’s a lot like her parents; generous, good mannered, love for beauty, and playful. Like all unicorns, she has magical abilities and can breathe magical fire like Spike can, so she can send scrolls to her Grat Aunt Princess Celestia in the same way he can. She has her mother’s skills in designing and making clothing, is great at searching for gems, and she’s even good at charming colts/stallions into helping her or her family/friends.

Releationship with The Flexers

In The Great Foal Rescue Part 1 & 2, Emerald was so happy that the Flexers became her guardians.

Relationship with Rarity's human counterpart

In Emerald the Great Fashion, When Emerald was tripped into the mud, Rarity's Human Counterpart had to get her out even if it means getting her boots a mess. After Emerald was taken to Human Rarity's home and was cleaned up, she cleaned her boots and she was thankful and became good friends. The next day, They do lots of things together. After that, Human Rarity brought Emerald home and her mother was thankful for being a good friend.

Emerald also liked Human Rarity's Rainboom outfit.