Here is how Rarity and Sylvia Marpole prepared Emerald for her picture taking in Emerald's Grand Day Out.

Later, Upstairs.

Rarity: (looking at her manestyle notepad) She can't look too butch, but she can't look too feminine. She has to look angelic, like a little princess.

Baby Emerald: (happy gurgling on the highchair)

Sylvia Marpole: Rarity, That would suggest white.

Rarity: White? Won't that look like we're trying to match our color? Won't it be too obvious?

Baby Emerald: (teething her teething ring)

Sylvia Marpole: I see lots of babies with different colors of outfits.

Rarity: What kind of babies, Sylvia?  Rich babies? Pretty babies? Regular babies? Important babies?

Baby Emerald: (laughs)

Sylvia Marpole: Regular babies.

Rarity: Regular babies!? Sylvia Marpole, Are you out of your mind? My Little Emerald is not a regular baby. I love my baby as pretty the way she is.

Baby Emerald: (sucking her pacifier)

Sylvia Marpole: It's just a suggestion, Rarity. But you're right, (noticing Emerald) She's is pretty just like her mommy, Yes she is.

As Rarity was preparing the equipments for Emerald's make up.

Rarity: (sniffs) Ugh! That smell.

Baby Emerald: (happy gurgling)

Rarity: Sylvia? (holds her nose) Would you be so kind is to help me with Emerald? I'm getting my hooves a little full.

Sylvia Marpole: Of course, Rarity. (takes Emerald to the changing table) Come here, Emerald. Hi. (lays her down) Now, Let's get your diaper changed. Yes.

Rarity: And don't forget to use that baby ointment bafore the powder.

Sylvia Marpole: Don't worry, Rarity. I know what I'm doing.

So, Sylvia started changing Emerald's diaper, She took the old one and threw it in the pail. Then, She used a few baby wipes, the baby ointment, the baby powder and finally puts a fresh clean diaper on her.

Baby Emerald: (laughs)

Sylvia Marpole: (rubs her hands with hand gel) There we go, Emerlad. (picks her up) All clean and ready for your make up, Yes.

It was make up time.

Rarity: All right, Emerald. (polishes her hooves) It won't be long now.

Baby Emerald: (giggles ticklishly)

Sylvia Marpole: (brushes Emerald's mane)

Rarity: Almost done, Emerald Sweetie. (combs Emerald's mane) Just a little bit more combing.

Baby Emerald: (happy gurgling)

Sylvia Marpole: Oh, Rarity. She looks so lovely.

Rarity: Why, Thank you, Sylvia. Wait, Just one more thing. (puts an indigo flower barrette on her baby's mane) There now, All done.

Baby Emerald: (laughs)

Sylvia Marpole: She is a lot like you, Rarity.

Emerald was now ready for her first picture taking.

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