Emerald and Daphne is a new short stories made by Iamnater1225.


Daphne Blake arrives to babysit Emerald while Rarity and Spike go out on their date. Will she do a great job taking care of a baby filly such as Emerald?


Daphne arrives

One day, Rarity and Spike were getting ready on their their date when Daphne Blake arrived to help babysit their baby filly, Emerald. After Rarity and Spike left, Daphne begins spending some time playing with Emerald.

Playing with the blocks

Later, Daphne begins playing with the blocks with Emerald. When Emerald cried after the blocks were accidentally knocked down, Daphne brings out her favorite toy penguin to cheer her up. And it worked.

Snacktime for Emerald/Emerald gets muddy

It was snacktime for Emerald, And Daphne fed her with her favorite grapes and applesauce. Outside, Emerald was playing in the mud. Daphne had to get inside and give her a bath

Bathtime/Changing Emerald

It was Emerald's bathtime as Daphne puts her in the tub and brought out her favorite bath toys. After Emerald's bath, Daphne had to change her diaper.

Naptime for Emerald/Spike and Rarity returns

It was nap time, Daphne brought out Emerald's lullaby from the music box. So, Emerald fell fast asleep. Rarity and Spike got home and notice what a wonderful job Daphne did babysitting and asked her to babysit again anytime soon and Daphne except it.



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