Emerald the Great Fashion is the tenth episode of the eighth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Rarity and Spike's Daughter, Emerald enjoys making Fashion dresses for her new close friend, Rarity's human counterpart and thought she should spending some time together as good friends do.

In Fantasyland/Mud problem

One day in Fantasyland, Emerald went to the human world to visit her mother's human counterpart, When Suddenly, She got tripped and fell into the mud, Despite getting herself a mess, Human Rarity had to help her out of the mud.

Getting Emerald cleaned up

At Human Rarity's house, She got Emerald all cleaned up until she's as good as new, She thanked Rarity for her help and they finally became best friends.

Talking during dinner

During dinner, Emerald talked to her parents about how thoughtful Rarity's Human version is and she asked if she would like to visit her anytime and her permission was granted.

Visiting Human Rarity

The next morning, Emerald went to visit Human Rarity and ever since they've first met they've became close friends.

The Tour around Canterlot High

At Canterlot High, Human Rarity was giving Emerald a tour, They had a wonderful time together as good friends do.

Best time of their life

Later, Human Rarity and Emerald were having the best time of their life playing games and do some fashion shopping.

Bringing Emerald home.

After doing fashion stuff, Human Rarity had to bring Emerald home, When she got home, Rarity and Spike thanked her Human version for being a good friend to Emerald and allowed them to visit each other anytime.




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