WATXM White Queen
She is depicted as both a member of the X-Men team as well as an integral addition to the main cast of the series. Much like her other animated incarnations, Emma displays her abilities as an enormously strong and powerful mutant telepath and empath throughout the course of the show. However unlike her other appearances, Emma also displays her mutative signature ability to shift into a solid, hardened diamond form. Like her portrayal in the comics, she develops a strong and deep romantic affection for Scott/Cyclops.In the three-part episode "Foresight", it is revealed that she is also a member of the Inner Circle in their plot to extract the Phoenix Force, though she believes that the group intends to destroy the Phoenix Force to save humanity and is shocked to hear that they intend to harness the Phoenix Force for their own purposes. Emma later ultimately sacrifices herself to prevent the Phoenix Force from causing destruction, releasing it into space; the effort causes her to turn into her diamond form and then shatter, with her last words being "Scott, forgive me".

She was shockingly later revived thanks to Princess Celestia and Mickey Mouse, and her personality changed to a considerably warmer, kinder and more understanding; she is also maternal, especially in her dealing with Hisako/Armor (based on the X-Men Anime series version of her). Soon, she became a full-time permanent member of the X-Men.

She does, however, like everyone else, try to ignore Deadpool, even though sometimes when she is helping the students whenever they need help getting something off their minds, he hijacks the memories for the fun of it. She also has a motherly bond with Kitty.


  • Emma Frost is Cyclops' second girlfriend.