Here's when Tino, Benny and Boots encountered the Indominus Rex in Wrath of the Indominus Rex.

[Tino's phone ring, as he answered it it was Sunset Shimmer]

Tino: What's up Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer: Tino! You've got to get out of there! It's the Indominus Rex! She ambushing you!

Tino: WHAT!!? Benny! Boots! We've got to get out of here!

Boots: Why?

Benny: We just got to have fun.

Tino: I know but that is not the time to do it, now lets get the hell out of here!!

[Tino and Boots runs toward the door until the Indominus Rex got them trapped, they start running from her, but the Indominus Rex picks up Boots and kills him]

Tish: Damn.

[Benny stars to get out of the cage, as he sees the Indominus Rex eat Boots, he ran in fear]

Jackie: Close the door!

SpongeBob: We can't lock them in there!

Mr. Krabs: Who cares!! Close it now! (as he presses the button)

Starlight GIimmer: What is going on!?

[Tino is still running

Tino: (as he runs) Crap!

Indominus Rex: ROAAAAAAAR!!!!

[As Tino escapes he hides under the truck, as the Indominus got out and tries to found him and Benny, Tino remains himself hiding, as Benny oh in the front of another truck, as the I-Rex has found him. Benny and Tino looked each other for a while as the I-Rex eats Benny]

Tino: Oh no... [cuts the gasline, and he puts fuel all over himself to hide his sent from the hybrid]

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