This is how the encounter with Jasmine goes in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar.

[we return to Brian, Nightstriker, and the Bugs nigt time]

Heimlich: You afraid?

Brian: No.

Heimlich: But..

Brian: Shh!

Heimlich: Oh, good me neither. I mean there's nothing way with being afraid when you're trying to fight a dark lord and there's nothing wrong with being a coward when afraid. But I sure am not a coward! [bumps into some skeletons and then yelps when a head falls off one]

Brian; Heimlich, 2 things, alright? "Shut... up." Now Flik go over there so I can concentrate.

Flik: Over there? I thought we were looking for the lamp.

Brian: We are looking for the lamp. If we split up, we cover more ground and we can find it easier that way.

Flik: Oh, okay. You look that way, we'll search over there. [heads to the direction]

Brian: Come on, bud now's our chance.

Nightstriker: [growls]

Francis: Why does he want us to be here?

Slim: It's propably a dog thing.

Flik: Nevermind, let's find that lamp!

[Then an eye looks at them and Brian and Nightstriker see something]

Brian: Well, at least we know where the tomb is. But where's a..

Flik: BRIAN!!!!!

[we see the bugs running for their lives and we then see a clothed figure with ligthsabers]

Brian: Who are you?

Figure: I'm your worst nightmare!

[the figure then reveals to be Jasmine!]

Brian: Jasmine?

Jasmine: I am not Jasmine, I am Darth Jasmine! 

Brian: Stay behind me, Fik!

Flik: Right.

Brian: [activates his lightsaber]

Jasmine: [gets in a battle position]

[the 2 then clash their lightsabers]

Francis: Come on, Griffin!

Slim: Show her who's boss!

Brian: Shut up! [clases his ligthsaber]

[the 2 clash their lightsaber at different angles]

Brian: Night, get them out of here!

Nightstriker: [growls]

[Nightstriker then lifts up the bugs and slides down and Brian joins in]

Brian: [as Han Solo] WOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!!

Jasmine: [puts her lightsabers away]

[Down below]

Brian: You guys okay?

Flik: Yeah.

Gypsy: We're okay.

Slim: Yeah.

Brian: Good. Let's move.

[they start walking through the woods again. But Jasmine follows them quietly]

Flik: Brian, why did you save us?

Brian: Because you couldn't gotten killed. Jafar somehow made Jasmine a Sith Lord.

Slim: Sith Lord?

Brian: Enemy of the Jedi, they use the Darkside of the Force. They've killed many and have done many bad things. One can tell when someone is a memeber of the Sith. Many will weild a red-bladed lightsaber. And have powerful force powers, but they only use it for evil for taking over the whole Universe!

Mantis: Good heavens! That's aweful!

Brian: I know!

Flik: Brian, I'm sorry.

Brian: It's okay Flik. I'm just glad you're alright.

[they continue on]

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