This is where Nyx has her encounter with the Terminator and T-1000 and the canal chase goes in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[we return to our heroes, and we veiw the CMC, Button Mash, Babs Seed, Hanah Streaker, Roberta Bravo, Sharon, Yuna, Skyla, Snowdrop, and Nyx heading to an arcade]

[on a streetway, we see the Terminator driving down it]

[Then, when he crosses a bridge, he looks at the below level and detects Nyx]

[We see the T-1000 talking to 2 little girls]

Little girl #1: You just missed her, she just went to the arcade hut.

T-1000: The arcade hut?

[We see the Terminator in the parking garage and then he comes up to the foal's scooters and motorcycle]

[inside, we see Button and Sweetie Belle playing an arcade game]

T-1000: [is searching for Nyx]

Terminator: [is searching around the place with the shotgun inside a pizza box]

T-1000: [talking to 2 boys]

Sweetie Belle: [is still playing with Button]

Scootaloo: Hey, I'm gonna get some quarters, I'll be right back.

T-1000: [enters arcade room]

Nyx: [is playing a jet arcade game]

T-1000: [shows the photo to 2 girls] Girls, do you know Nyx Sparkle?

Both Girls: No.

[then Yuna walks by]

T-1000: Hey, do you know this foal?

Yuna: [looks at the photo] No. Sorry, sir.

[The T-1000 then continues his search as Yuna runs up to Nyx]

Yuna: Nyx!

Nyx: Not now, Yuna.

Yuna: No really. There's an officer looking for you. Look.

Nyx: [sees the T-1000 as a kid points to her and he walks over]

Yuna: You better get out of here.

Nyx: Get the others and let's split.

Yuna: Right, but go somewhere else.

Nyx: [takes off]

T-1000: [starts walking toward Nyx's direction]

Nyx: [heads into the back hallway]

T-1000: [goes into the hallway and follows Nyx]

Terminator: [enters the same hallway from another place]

T-1000: [enters the hallway and starts chasing Nyx]

Nyx: [panting as she runs]

[Nyx then bursts open a set of doors only to see the Terminator walking towards her]

Nyx: [gasp] [her pupils then shrink as the Terminator takes out his shotgun and cocks it] Ah! [she runs back but she is now trapped between the Terminator and the T-1000]

[T-1000 takes out his pistol and points it at her]

Terminator: Get down!

[Nyx ducks as the Terminator blasts the T-1000 with the shotgun]

Nyx: AAH!

T-1000: [turns around]

[Nyx starts to get up but the Terminator grabs her]

T-1000: [fires his pistol]

[but the Terminator sheilds Nyx from the hail of bullets]

Nyx: AAAAH!!!

T-1000: [ejects the empty clip]

Terminator: [opens a door and throws Nyx in]

T-1000: [reloads the pistols and contines to draw fire]

Terminator: [fires his shotgun several times and knocks the T-1000 to the floor]

Nyx: [looks out from the room]

T-1000: [recovers from the blasts, gets up and grabs the Terminator's shotgun]

[the 2 then start banging each other on the walls]

Nyx: [takes off running]

T-1000: [throws the Terminator through a window, and then leaves]

Nyx: [continues running]

T-1000: [walking down the hallway]

Terminator: [gets back up]

Stallion: Hey, you alright?

Nyx: [continues running]

Terminator: [picks up his shotgun and reloads it as he gives chase]

Nyx: [reaches the parking garage and jumps on her scooter. She tries to start it] Come on!

T-1000: [comes in]

Nyx: COME ON! [her scooter oars into life and she takes off]

T-1000: [charges after her]

[Nyx drives thorugh the parking garage as the T-1000 chases her. She soon drives out of the garage and onto the street, almost hitting a tow truck]

Truck driver: Shoot!

Nyx: Sorry!

[The T-1000 then pulls the driver out and takes control]

[the Terminator then drives onto the stret and gives chase]

Nyx: [continues down and then she drives into a canal] [she then stops and looks back] I think I lost him. [but then the tow truck drives off the bridge and into the canal] Oh come on! Are you kidding me?!

[Nyx now drives her scooter as fast as it can go as the the T-1000 chases her in the dumptruck]

Terminator: [drives onto a sideroad just near the canal and continues giving chase]

Nyx: [is still speeding down the canal, constantly looking back]

T-1000: [continues chasing Nyx, hitting some burnt up cars as he goes]

Terminator: [fires his shotgun at a gate and drives through]

[soon he's along side the the 2]

Terminator: [fires his shotgun at the tow truck. Spins cocks the shotgun and fires again, spins cocks shotgun and then shoots open another gate]

Nyx: [drives under a low bridge]

[the tow truck then goes under the bridge and loses it's roof]

T-1000: [knocks the windsheild off. He then rear ends Nyx's scooter]

Nyx: [as she's hit] Ah! GAH!!

Terminator: [drives his motorcycle along side then he jumps from the side and lands in the canal]

T-1000: [turns left and right, trying to block the Terminator]

Terminator: [ drives pass the truck and gets along side Nyx and lifts her onto his motorcycle]

Nyx: [as she's lifted on] AAAH!!

[her scooter is then thrown to the side by the truck]

Terminator: [spins cocks his shotgun, fires, and shoots out a tire.]

T-1000: [can't get control. Slams on the brakes but crashes into another bridge]

[then diesel leaks from the tank and then the spark plug sparks the fuel, causing an explosion]

Terminator: [stops his motorcycle outside the bridge and he spin cocks his shotgun and prepares to fire]

[a flaming tire rolls out, and no one comes out]

Terminator: [puts away the shotgun and drives away]

T-1000: [walks out]

[soon the Terminator is driving down a street]

Nyx: Okay! Stop the motorcycle! Stop the motorcycle!

[the Terminator turns onto a street and then pulls into an ally and stops, as Nyx hops off the motorcycle]

Nyx: Now, don't take this the wrong way. But you're a Terminator, right?

Terminator: Yes. Cybernyne systems model 101. [he takes out the shotgun and starts reloading it]

Nyx: [then she fells the back of the Terminator just to check] Oh man! You're really real. So you're human on the outside but a machine underneath?

Terminator: I'm a cybernetic organism. Living tissue over metal endoskeleton.

Nyx: [feels the Terminator's face and then feels inside a bullet hole and finds blood] Holy. Okay. You're not here to kill me. I figured out that myself. So what is your main goal?

Terminator: My mission is to protect you. [puts the shotgun away]

Nyx: Really? Who?

Termiator: Your future brother. 37 years from now he reproggramed me to be your protector here, in this time.

Nyx: Whoa.

[later, the Terminator is driving down the street with Nyx in back]

Nyx: So the other guy, he's a Terminator like you. Right?

Terminator: No, not like me. A T-1000. Advanced Prototype.

Nyx: You mean he's more advanced than you?

Terminator: Yes. A Mimetic poly alloy.

Myx: Memetic-what?

Terminator: Liquid metal.

Nyx: Where we going?

Terminator: We have to get out of the city immediately and avoid the authorities.

Nyx: For what?

Terminator: The T-1000 won't stop at anything to try and get you.

Nyx: Oh man.

[they then pull into a parking lot and come to a stop]

Nyx: [hops off] Okay, before we go on. I just wanna know, why is that T-1000 trying to kill me?

Terminator: The T-1000 was sent here to kill you because of an event you do in the future.

Nyx: Who sent him?

Terminator: Princess Chaos, the Changling Queen's daughter.

Nyx: Oh, man.

Terminator: The T-1000 has one advantage of getting you. He can impersonate others when he touches them.

Nyx: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're telling me, this thing can imitate anything it touches?

Terminator: Anything it samples by physical contact.

Nyx: Could he disguise himself as a random item?

Terminator: No, only an object of equal size.

Nyx: So why didn't it turn into a bomb to try and get me?

Terminator: It can't form complex machines. Gun and explosives have chemicals, moving parts. It doesn't work like that, but it can form solid metal shapes.

Nyx: Such as?

Terminator: Knives and stabbing weapons.

[at the wreak of the tow truck, the T-1000 takes another police car]

Nyx: At first I didn't believe my mom and Brian about the Terminators but then when one was sent to kill them, it proved they were right. And know I now what it's like. Listen, we have to get back to the condo and get everyone out of there before the T-1000 does.

Terminator: Negative. The T-1000's highest probability for success now will be to copy Twilight Sparkle and wait for you to contact her.

Nyx: Okay, but what happens to the real one?

Terminator: Typically, the subject being copied is terminated.

Nyx: Shoot! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO?! We gotta go right now!

Terminator: [grabs Nyx] Negative. It's not a mission priority.

Nyx: Maybe not to you, but it is' to me! Hey, what's the big idea?! [grunting to pull loose] Hey! Get off me!

Terminator: This does not help our mission.


Terminator: [releases Nyx]

Nyx: Why did you do that!?

Terminator: Cause you told me to.

Nyx: What, you have to do as I say?

Terminator: That's one of my mission parameters.

Nyx: Okay, stand on one foot.

Terminator: [does so]

Nyx: Wow! My own Terminator bodyguard. Okay, but let's set some ground rules. You may be a Terminator, but for now, you are to protect me and my family. You aren't allowed to kill anyone in particuler.

Terminator: Why?

Nyx: What do you mean "Why"? Because you can't.

Terminator: Why?

Nyx: I'll get back to you on that one. But right now, I've got to get my friends and family out of the condo before it's too late, and I order you to help me.

[we see the T-1000 pulling in to the parking lot of the condo]

[We see Nyx and the Terminator driving on the motorcycle]

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