This is how Encountering Desghidorah goes in Crash's, Thomas', and Ryan's Adventures of The Fox and the Hound.

[We see Matau with Starscream (Cybertron)]

[Ryan feels something]

[They hear a roar]

Tod: Was that an elephant?

Vixey: No.

[They hear thuds]

[The thuds get louder and louder] [Matau shakes]

[A dragon appears]

Umarak the Hunter: It is a beast.

Ryan F-Freeman: It's Desghidorah.

[Desghidorah turns his three heads at Umarak]

Umarak the Hunter: You want a fight?

[Desghidorah roars]

Ryan F-Freeman: I think it's a yes. [hides behind a tree]

[Desghidorah shoots fire out of his middle head]

Matau T. Monkey: Whoa!

[Desghidorah turns his three heads to Tod and Vixey]

Tod: Don't move. It's vision is based on movement.

Vixey: Ok.

[Tod and Vixey keep still]

[Desghidorah growls]

[Desghidorah moves his three heads forward to the still Tod and Vixey and Sci-Ryan gasps]

[Desghidorah's visions see nothing]

[Desghidorah gets confused]

[Ryan sighs]

[Desghidorah hears Ryan]

[They fight]

[Desghidorah's three heads fire their Lava Gout Energy Bolts at Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Think fast, Ryan. [blocks the bolts with his Keyblade and reflects it back at Desghidorah]

[Desghidorah does his Fiery Prye Road ability by causing the ground to split open and release flames from within the Earth]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. Let me try. BLIZZARD!!! [casts a spell on the fires]

[Desghidorah gets angry]

Ryan F-Freeman: Let me give you a bit.

[Desghidorah releases Hurricane Winds from his wings]

[Ryan uses his missiles and magic]

[Desghidorah does everything he can to win]

[Ryan defeats Desghidorah]

[Desghidorah flies off]

Ryan F-Freeman: I did it. It was so good but I did it.

[Desghidorah begins sucking the energy from the Earth]

Ryan F-Freeman: No, you don't! [stabs Desghidorah and restores Earth's energy]

[Desghidorah bites Ryan and sends a Red Electric Surge through his bite]

[Ryan defeats him]

[Desghidorah retreats]

Kuryan: Huh. That's weird. Desghidorah's cave is smoked.

Umarak the Hunter: Oh, look, here he comes.

Tod: You know, for a giant four-legged creature who can't run, he moves pretty fast.

Vixey: Yeah.

[They hear banging and Ryan opens the door and the heroes see Desghidorah with his three smoked heads looking angirly at them as the heroes look at him shocked]

Umarak the Hunter: Nachos?

[Desghidorah calms down and nods]

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