Here's how the end of the film and the vacation begins goes in The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

Minka Mark: [hops off] We did it! We did it! Whoo!

[then Spongebob gently brings in the Daylight Special into the station]

[The train stops]

Spongebob: [hops out of the cab] You did it! You saved the Silver Streak!

Blackie: Sure we did.

Skyla: [hops out]

Cadance: Skyla!

Skyla: [looks back] Mommy!

[they race to each and hug]

Shining Armor: Kiddo! [joins the hug]

Nyx: Mom!

Twilight: Nyx!

[they hug]

Princess Luna: Snowdrop!

Snowdrop: Hahaoya!

[they hug and Yuna joins in it]

[we see Zecora and Zeñorita hugging as well]

Blythe: Guys! You're okay!

Pepper Clark: Yes!

Blythe: How did you guys get separated from the train anyway?

Zoe Trent: We were thrown off.

Cadance: Sweetie, we're sorry we didn't believe you.

Skyla: It's alright, Mommy. I'm just glad to be back with you.

Cadance: I love you. 

Skyla: I love you too. [presses on Cadance's chest]

Blackie: [hops off] Well, at least everything's right now.

Spongebob: [walks up to him] Easy for you.

Princess Celestia: Blackie, I have something for you.

Blackie: What is it?

Princess Celestia: For your loyalty and helping the others in tough goings, I hereby, grant you the the privilege of being an honored guest to Canterlot.

Blackie: Oh, my. Yes, I accept it! [bows]

Princess Celestia: Good. I expect some real good outlook from you.

[soon all the luggage is unloaded]

Brian: Now, let's enjoy, paradise.

[as they head of their condo, they come up to the wreaked engines.]

Vinnie Terrio: Oh, man, look at them.

Russel Ferguson: Call me crazy, but it looks like it's grinning.

Pepper Clark: Yeah, but I hope the railway has a heck of insurance for this.

Zoe Trent: Me too.

Blackie: Oh, well.

[they head for the condo as "End Title (from The Shawshank Redemption)" starts to play]

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