Here's how the end of the movie god sin Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Littlest Pet Shop: Blythe's Big Adventure.

Costumer #1: I love this shop!

Costumer #2: My pet will look so cute in this!

Mrs. Twombly: You did it, Blythe! You saved Littlest Pet Shop. But...

Blythe: What is it, Mrs. Twombly?

Mrs. Twombly: All these sales! The only way I'll be able to keep up is... if you come to work for me.

Blythe: Really, Mrs. Twombly?! I'd love to work here! Did you guys hear that? Sounds like you're going to see a lot more of me around here.

Pets: YAY!

Thomas: Hooray! [blows his whistle]

Russell: I'm sure glad you moved in, Blythe. Cause if it was anyone else...

Vinnie: They probably wouldn't be able to fit in the dumbwaiter!

Sunil: (giggles) This is true.

Blythe: (giggles) Well, I'm glad I fit. And I'm glad my dad found this place. But I'm most glad to have met you guys.

Penny Ling: Aww. Group hug!

Sunil: That smells... (sniffs) nice! Pepper must be happy!

(Everybody laughs)

Man #3: Uh, excuse me?

Blythe: Yes?

Man #3: Did I see you talking to your pets?

Blythe: Why, yes! Yes, you did. Don't you talk to yours?

(Dog noises)

Man #3: All the time. I do talk to you! Yes I do! I talk to you all the time! (dog noises)

Man #3's dog: Again with the baby talk? I'm twenty-seven years old!

Blythe voice-over: I have to admit this turned out to be one pretty big adventure. And I made some new friends in the unlikeliest of places. Littlest Pet Shop.

Roger: (Pulls up to the store; clearly confused) Did I miss something?

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