This is how Ending and A New Hope goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Revenge of the Sith.

[We then see Ryan, Code Red, and the gang meeting in a conference room]

Zeta Prime: The children must be kept hidden, safe.

Sora: Kairi and I will look after the boy.

Ryan F-Freeman: What about the girl?

Zeta Prime: To Equestraba. Send her to her family.

Ryan F-Freeman: I will take the girl and watch over her.

Zeta Prime: Until the time is right, we will disappear.

Ryan F-Freeman: Till all are one.

Nighlock: I'll bide my time. Search for whatever is left of the Equestrian Avengers and Canterlot Warriors. Once the time is right, we'll build a grand rebellion.

[Ryan was about to leave when Zeta stops him]

Zeta Prime: Ryan, stay.

Ryan F-Freeman: What is it you want to tell me, Zeta?

Zeta Prime: Someone has returned from the afterlife of the Force. Your old master.

Ryan F-Freeman: Solus Prime.

Zeta Prime: I could teach you how to communicate with her.

[We then see Sora walking up to Emmet with K-2SO and R5-D4]

Sora: Captain.

Emmet: Yes sir.

Sora: I'm placing these two droids under your care. Keep them clean. Have K-2SO's memory wiped.

K-2SO: What?

R5-D4: [beeps]

K-2SO: Oh no.

[At Equestria, a funeral of Flash Sentry is held]

[In space, Nightmare Nova and Nightmare Moon oversee the construction of the Unicron Star]

[On Cybertopia, Kairi and Sora look at Matau]

[At Equestraba, Ryan takes Nyx to Uncle Mike and Aunte Zoey and goes into exile until the time is right to help Nyx to become a Jedi]

[Back at the cave]

Ryan F-Freeman: The end.

[Starscream (Cybertron) and Matau's bandmates arrive]

Matau T. Monkey: Starscream!

Starscream (Cybertron): We came here when Prime got your dissress signal.

Starlight Glimmer: Wow. I think Vortech's Heartless and Nobody got away. We'll get them next time.

Matau T. Monkey: Well. I could thank you. We could watch The Cat Returns. Wanna come?

Nyx: Yes, please.

Ryan F-Freeman: We can go home. You got popcorn, Starscream?

[End credits]

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