Here's how the ending goes in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

[It fades back to a night club and a woman is singing]

Mr. Maguire: Evening, girls. You're looking well.

Woman: Good evening, Mr. Maguire.

Mr. Maguire: Oh, it's a fine night to be me.

Alex: You dance great for an old lady.

Lin: Someone told me to stop living on the sidelines.

Alex: Well, he sounds like a smart guy.

Lin: He is.

[The 2 kiss and it shows Rick and Evelyn]

Rick: So I guess Dash and Scarlet have their next adventure?

Evelyn: Why write about it when you can live it? There's something incredibly romantic about vanquishing the undead.

Rick: Even more romantic doing it with you.

Evelyn: Kiss me.

Rick: Don't have to ask me twice.

[The 2 kiss and we soon see Jonathan]

Man: Can I get your bag, sir?

Jonathan: No, no, no. Don't touch it, don't touch it.

Man: Where are you off to, Mr. Carnahan?

Johnathan: Someplace where they don't have mummies. Step on it I've got a plane to catch.

Driver: Yes sir.

Jonathan: Yeah, Ciao, ciao, Shanghai. [takes out a pearl] Peru, here I come.

[As the drives drive away a dialogue says "Soon after, mummies were found in Peru"]

[with our heroes]

Eddy: Finally, our battle is over!

Edd: Indeed. We've shown those crazy villains that even in rough times, we can still win!

Hugs: And best of all, Bradey is finally gone!

T.C.: I'm glad that's over, maybe we can finally have some peace at last.

Judy Hopps: [checking over Buttercream]

Buttercream Sunday: Auntie, I already said that I'm fine.

Judy Hopps: Are you sure about that? Bellwether almost killed you with the saber!

Buttercream Sunday: I'm okay, really!

Judy Hopps: [chuckles] I know you are, but I can't help it if I can be worried for my niece, it's what aunts often do.

Buttercream Sunday: You can say that again.

Zoe Trent: Well, at least we finally got rid of that 6 armed, metallic jerk!

Pepper Clark: Yeah, I don't know what I'll do if I hear him call us 'skunk-bags" again!

Penny Ling: And I'm glad that Willy managed to get his grandfather back to the Light Side.

Sunil Nevla: I just hope he's alright.

Princess Celestia: Don't worry, Magnal's been taken to the medical care, and he'll be just fine.

Fluttershy: Oh thank goodness. I know I would like to hear about the other Jedi Magnal once knew.

Willy: Me too. And maybe he'll help me find some other members of my family that are alive.

Sharky: You never know.

Cadance: But Percy, why did you saved me, Shining, Twilight, Thomas, Novo, Barret, Aunt Luna, and Aunt Celestia?

Percy: Because, I saw Megatron getting ready to blast you with his cannon. And I can't let him do that to my best friend, and I couldn't bare Flurry Heart loosing you, Luna, and Celestia. Or Barret.

Shining Armor: Wow. You just risked your life not only by saving us, but for them as well.

Percy: That's right.

Brian: You know Percy, that was really brave of you.

Percy: You really think so?

Brian: Yeah, I'd known you for a while, and I though it was cool.

Percy: Thanks. But I admit it, I was pretty scared.

Brian: Yeah, but that's what made you brave.

Thomas: And Tony, Bruce, Leo, without you or any of the others, we wouldn't have won.

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Aw, it's no problem Thomas.

Batman: Yeah, that's what friends are for.

Wonder Woman: To the end.

Skyla: [to the Ghost Crew] So are you guys gonna leave?

Ezra Bridger: Actually, I think will stay with you guys for a little longer.

Wilson: Really?

Zeb: Yeah, for old time's sake.

Koko: That's brilliant!

[Then the TMNT come up]

Leo: So, you guys. How else can we help?

Brian: Wait, you're saying you don't wanna go back to your vacation?

Michelangelo: Nah! Well, maybe for a little while. I'm ready for work. You got a job for me?

Brian: You know, guys. There is a railroad.

Raph: With palm trees?

Brian: One or two.

Donatello: And sunshine?!

Brian: Sunny spells.

Leo: We'll take it! Which way's the way?

[Lady chuffs up beside him]

Lady: This is the way.

Michelangelo: [drops his arms and hops in Lady's cab] We're gonna ride on a train!

Princess Celestia: Until next time, we will contact you encase it's another urgent emergency.

Superman: Consider it done, your highness.

[They begin to turn away till Mikey stops and turns back]

Michelangelo: See you later, alligators! After a while crocodiles!

[But Leo and Raph grab him and they hop in a cruiser which flies away back to their regular distention]

Derpy Hooves: You know, I was just starting to like the TMNT.

Rigby: Yeah, me too.

Pete: So, now what?

Ed: Let's party!

Mako: Yeah! [starts up a radio which plays the victory party music from ROTJ]

[the majority of the team start dancing as Willy then looks to the side as the spirits of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin are watching them as they are joined by Willy's Father, Mother and Grandmother.]

Fluttershy: [grabs Willy's fin and pulls him gently]

Willy: [waves to them as he goes to join his friends]

Optimus: [narrating] With Bradey O'Diesel and the evil rein of the Sith gone forever, the universe will now spark a new hope of Jedi across the galaxy. And peace and justice will return once more. I am Optimus Prime. And I send this final message to the Jedi Alliance, the universe is safe once more.

[Then as Optimus speaks, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Padme, Stoick, and Annabelle join the spirits and watch as our heroes continue to celebrate their victory]

[back to Patchy]

Patchy: Wow! Wasn't that great, kids?

Potty: Let's watch it again.

Patchy: [chuckles] That's a great idea, Potty. [looks on the table] Where's the remote? [continues searching] Where's the remote? [stands up] Oh, I lost the remote! They should make those things... [a brick flies through the window and hits Patchy on the head] Eh... [falls to the floor]

Potty: Brawk!

Patchy: [stands back up and drops the brick on his foot; he is now holding his remote] My remote! [goes to the window] Thanks, stranger!

Mrs. Johnson: [outside, in a wheelchair] Don't mention it, Patchy! [flames shoot of the back of her wheelchair and she peels off, leaving a skid mark behind]

Patchy: Now, which one of these cockamamie buttons is rewind? [presses a button; a juggling clown appears on TV] No, that's not it. [presses another button; a weatherman appears on TV] Doh! Wrong again. [keeps flipping through the channels and grunting; a black and white horse movie comes on, then a blob movie, then a football game, then the giraffe from Krusty Krab Training Video, then the anemone from Your Shoe's Untied then a Tyrannosaurus Rex battling a Triceratops; Potty flies over]

Potty: Brawk! Let me do it!

Patchy: No, get away! [the lights go out] That's the light switch! [the light turns back on; Patchy and Potty fight over the remote, until a mariachi band pops up from behind the couch]

Potty: Brawk! That's the mariachi band button!

Patchy: Grrrrr... I hate technology!!!

Patchy: [continues pressing buttons on the remote] Rewind... darn you! [suddenly, the VCR starts spitting out tape]

Potty: Brawk! Failure ahoy!

Patchy: No! [tries to stop the tape from spewing out] Dah! DAH! Oh, blasted infernal machine! [gets tangled up and falls over, still struggling] Oh no! I've ruined "Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"! Now it's lost forever!

Potty: Brawk! Lost forever!

Narrator: Oh boy, what a loser. Well, I guess "Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" will remain lost. But, tape or no tape, as long as there are stars in the sky, Ed, Edd, n Eddy will live on in our hearts and in our minds. Now get lost. I mean, bye. No, really, get lost.

[Then we see the talking walking popcorn box, hot dog, popsicle, and soda again as they appear at the bottom of the screen]

It's the end of the movie,
and it's getting late
I know that you didn't come here with a date
You'll probably go home and masturbate
You're pathetic and lonely
And you can't afford high definition television
'Cause your job doesn't pay enough....

[But then the film ends with "Ocean Man", then "Locomotion", then "A Friend for Life", then "Test Flight", then "Wherever the Trail May Lead", then "Anytime You Need a Friend", and finally ending with "Two Hornpipes"]