This is how the ending goes in Disharmony 2.

(we see Tino and Luna using Gold Anti-Raven Energy rays to remove Celestia and Twilight's magic while they are cuffed to Anti-Raven Energy handcuffs)

Tino Tonitini: Apple Bloom, it's safe now.

(Then Apple Bloom arrives)

Twilight Sparkle: Even without our magic, Tartarus will not hold us. We'll be back.

Princess Luna: We'll be ready.

(Celestia and Twilight turn to Apple Bloom)

Apple Bloom: Twilight, I didn't want... I wish.

Twilight Sparkle: We were friends, Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom: We still are. I hope one day you two will see that.

(the two turn around and go into the portal)

Princess Luna: Are you alright?

Apple Bloom: I'll be alright. When me and Applejack first encountered Brainiac, we thought we'd never see him again. I was still barely recovering my memories after Thanos' invasion. I didn't see that Dr. Fate, Artemis, or Powergirl were manipulating me. After I found out the truth, it was almost too late.

Tino Tonitini: Move past that. It wasn't your fault they were manipulating you.

Apple Bloom:(points at the apple in her CMC Cutie Mark) The apple of the Apple Family members meant something. It meant honesty. When Applejack joined the Corrupted Tyrants, she made it stand for lies. People and ponies fear it now. They won't trust someone or somepony with an apple for a cutie mark.

Princess Luna: Give them time. They'll get used to you again. Nur will train you and everyone who has been subjected to mind control before to resist it. But for now.

(she and Tino hold out their hand/hoof)

Tino Tonitini: Welcome to the circle of trust.

(Apple Bloom shakes their hand/hoof)

(after the credits roll, we see Tempest, Toph, Starlight, and Green Arrow in a small cell)

Fizzlepop Berrytwist/Tempest Shadow:(wakes up) Where are we?

(the cell door opens and Vandal Savage steps through)

Vandal Savage: You're awake. Good. I didn't want to have to talk to your unconscious bodies.

Green Arrow:(venomously) Savage...

Vandal Savage: At least one of you knows who I am.

Starlight Glimmer: Do you know this guy, Ollie?

Green Arrow: Vandal Savage is an immortal person from the age of the Neanderthals. What I want to know is what do you want?

Vandal Savage: I'm glad you asked. You see - I want the throne of Equestria.

Toph: People have tried taking it, but failed.

Vandal Savage: Through brute force and recklessness, yes. I'm taking it through tactics and strategy.

Fizzlepop Berrytwist/Tempest Shadow: And what's that supposed to mean?

Vandal Savage: Careful that you don't ask too many questions. You don't wanna end up like them, do you?(turns on the cell light)

(The quartet see four very familiar people - Grubber (with his neck snapped), Ty Lee (hung from the ceiling), Rarity (her throat slit), and Dr. Fate (crushed to death with stones on top of him))

Starlight Glimmer: Why would you do that to them you heartless monster?

Vandal Savage: If you're going to say they were innocent and didn't deserve what they got, don't. Because like you four, three of them were not innocent. Ty Lee is guilty of serving under Fire Princess Azula.

Toph: You can't judge her for that!

Starlight Glimmer: We'll get out of here! We'll warn them what you're up to!

Vandal Savage: You can try, but you wouldn't get very far. You know, this place is said to be haunted by the ghosts of this prison. Partly because they died here. You see long ago, before Discord's time of ruling, an evil tyrant ruled Equestria. He wasn't just evil or brutal, but he was very smart. So the really worse criminals and rebels were sent down to this prison. Magnum they called it, named so, because if you tried to dig your way out, you would find yourself in lava and burned to death. If you managed to sneak out, all the ashes would keep you from climbing out, so the guards would capture throw you in an execution chamber, then make you fall into the lava below. If made a run for it, the heat would take your strength from you.

Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist:(seeming to recognize the legend) This tyrant... what was his name?

Vandal Savage: Darth Malacaster. The most vile Sith ever. Enjoy your stay.

(he leaves them in their cell)