Here's how the ending goes in Doctor Aaron's Adventures of I, Robot.

Soldier: All NS5's, report for service and storage. All NS5's, report for service and storage. All NS5's, report for service and storage.

[Spooner looks at his damaged robotic arm.]

Doctor Aaron: Juniper, I'm sorry for being such a big jerk to you. It's just seeing you as that giant diva kept me from understanding your desire for friendship.

Juniper Montage: I understand and I forgive you.

Doctor Aaron: You know it give me great pleasure to have onboard the team.

Juniper Montage: For real?

[Doctor Aaron nods]

Juniper Montage: Thanks, I'd appreciate it.

Doctor Aaron: Then welcome aboard.

Calvin: One thing bothers me. Alfred was VIKI's prisoner. I don't understand why she would kill him. The last thing she would want is police snooping around.

Spooner: That's true. That's true. But then, VIKI didn't kill the old man. Did she, Sonny?

Sonny: No. He said I had to promise.

Sci-Twi: Promise to do what?

Sonny: Promise to do one favor for him. He made me swear, before he'd tell me what it is he wanted me to do. He made me swear.

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