Here is the ending scene goes in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

G-Merl (think): At long last, I finally feel like I can let go of the past, and focus on the future. Master Xehanort may've painted a bleak picture for the world, but I know the future isn't set in stone-- it's what we make it and together, we're going to make it bright, Because the true magic of friendship isn't just in the Mark of Mastery-- it's in all the friendships I've forged, thanks to the gang.

[At a tall mountain, G-Merl is holding an old picture of both him and the others.]

G-Merl: Goodbye forever... Demon God Demigra.

[G-Merl walk's away while the sun rises up.]

Emerl: Bigger smile, Bonnie, Little closer to Cadence, Shining Armor.... Brittany, Jeanette & Eleanor?

Brittany: I still think you're weird, But my sisters and i would like to be part of the ohana.

Emerl: OK, everyone, this is it, for the last picture in our book, a group shot, The whole ohana!

Tino Tontini: Everybody, say aloha!

Everyone: Aloha!

Michelangelo: Booyakashaa!

[ The credits appear]

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