Duncan (Doki): We want to thank you for getting rid of the Phantom Virus. Lunch is on me, Eric and Rico, guys. 

Luffy: In that case, I'll have another cheeseburger. 

Owen: Two cheeseburgers!

Eric: No problem. I'm sorry you guys got trapped in cyberspace. 

Ryan: Well, it really wasn't all that bad. 

Rico: Really?

Amy: Going back in time was really fun.

Fransworth: You did a great job designing all the game levels.

Eric: Thanks, Fransworth. 

Fico: But next time, go easier on the monsters.

Eric: Hey, Usopp, I just pulled up the Heroes video game on my laptop. Want to play?

Usopp: What do you say, Chopper? Now that there's no creepy virus in the game.

Robin: Haven't you had enough for one day?

Usopp: Whoa! Look!

They saw their Cyber Self waving hello to them, then Bender is doing on the Laptop

Fry: What are you doing, Bender?

He is hacking the game and it show Owen eating the Scooby Snack

Amy: Now that's what I call hacking! Hacking and Scooby-Snacking!

Bender: You said it.

The End

Whisper has awake from that dream

Whisper: Huh? Oh. Just a dream.

Ryder: Keita! Wake up! It's time for school! And we're late, because we're over slept!

Keita: What!?

He and Keita went to school and Whisper forgot to turn off the Game

Whisper: Oh. I forgot to turn it off.

He turn off

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