This is the ending scene where our heroes finally escape the island. Tino and Sunset Shimmer finds out Rod and Laura miss their parents. So they decided to act like their parents in Weekenders visits Jurassic Park.

(We cut to Alan and the gang, made it to the place where they'd started and they get on a helicopter)

Alan Grant: Come on. Come on.

(Inside the helicopter)

Zoe Drake: We made it.

Max Taylor: Yeah, we sure did.

Human Rarity: Thank goodness, we finally got out of this nightmare.

Human Fluttershy: It's a shame that the park is not done.

Rex Owen: I know, Fluttershy. (sees Rod and Laura) What you doing guys?

Laura: I have to make sure to take this protector with us. (plays it) It's a video of our mom and dad.

Tino Tonitini: Whoa.

Sunset Shimmer: You miss your parents?

Rod: Yes, we do.

Tino Tonitini: (Think of the idea) Hey, Sunset. I have an idea.

Sunset Shimmer: What is it?

Tino Tonitini: Why not if we act like their parents?

Sunset Shimmer: Good idea. (To Rod and Laura) Hey, there's something we need to tell you.

Rod: What is it?

Sunset Shimmer: Don't be sad, because as long as you are here. Tino and I will like your parents.

Laura: You mean you and Tino will act our mom and dad?! That's great!

Rod: Good idea! That way we will never be alone without them!

Ursula: Oh, isn't that sweet. I don't know went to smile or cry?

Zoe Drake: I don't know, what to say?

Tish Katsufrakis: You okay, Zoe? Are you crying?

Zoe Drake: No. I got something on my eye.

(The movie ends with Chris Brown - Wall to Wall)

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