They saw Chairman turned into a Monkey

Ryder's Dad: Checkmate, Mr. Chairman. You're going down.


Whisper: Come on, say it. Just a little "You're my hero"?

Chase: Nope, sorry.

Whisper: Guys, say it, come on.

Marshall: Not interested. No one will ever know.

Ryder's Dad I'm really proud of you, Ryder. I knew I could count on you.

Ryder: Yes. Dad, I think we should move.

Ryder's Dad: What was wrong with Beverly Hills?

Ryder: I meant from this spot.

They saw a Ship coming and they avoid it

Sunil: I think we scratched it.

Whisper: Don't worry, it's a rental.

Inaho: You guys, you pulled it off!

Rocky pulled Whisper's Mouth

Rocky: You pulled it off, all right.

Whisper: Give me that.

Keita: Way to go, Whisper

Whisper You didn't do so bad yourself, stunt boy.

Rubble: To set the record straight... all credit for saving the human race goes to Whisper.

Whisper: Exactly. Oh, no, you don't, buster. You're the hero. Wait a minute. Pronoun trouble. I'm the hero.

Zuma: I'm the hero, all right.

Ryder's Dad: Are you gonna introduce us, Ryder?

Ryder: Dad, this is Keita and Inaho. Guys, this is--

Keita: Damian Drake.

Inaho: I'm a really big fan... of your son.

Rocky: Whisper, you achieved your goal of being a hero. Yep, but you didn't achieve your goal... of getting me back in your stupid movie.

Director: Cut. Great, that's a wrap. That's it, guys.

Whisper: Remind me to get a new agent, will you?

Rocky: Thanks.

Whisper: Wait a minute. Maybe we are a team. Whisper and friends No, Yokai's and Whisper. What do you think?

Ryder: Excuse me, do you remember me? I threatened your manliness, and you got my friend D.J. fired?

Actor: I know you. Do I know him? You must be someone that I got fired. See, I get a lot of people fired. You be good now. So like I said...

Ryder kick him in the leg 

Director: Not again. He's down again. Are you okay? Come on. He said he can do stunts.

Actor: Yokai's are here.

Marshall: Gotta go.

Jibanyan: Whisper, you're right.

Actor: The usual place, Yokai's?

Chase: Take us home. From now on, you and I are going to be equal partners in this thing. No more second banana for you.

Whisper: Thanks, pal. I really appreciate this. At last my star is rising. All my hopes and aspirations... What do you know? My luck is changing already.

Porky: Go home, folks.

End of the Dream

Ryder wake Whisper up

Ryder: Whisper!

Whisper: Huh?


He turn off the TV



He left the house

Whisper: Well, that was a great dream.

The End

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