This is how Ending and Secret Ending goes in Paw Patrol in the Six Super Heroes Yo-Kai.

1 Year ago

Whisper is walking off to see Fuyunyan and he's house

Whisper: Hello, Fuyunyan. Are you here? I want to make sure you..

He open the Door and Fuyunyan is not here

Whisper: What!?

He saw a Letter from Fuyunyan and he open it and read and he look shock, he Scream and ran off to the Human World

Sakura Town

Jibanyan is sleeping and then Whisper has appeared

Whisper: Jibanyan! Please, wake up! We have a Situation!

He's still sleeping, and Whisper has no choice but to use an Air Horn, he use it on Jibanyan Ear and it make his Ear's Hurt

Jibanyan: Ow! Whisper, I'm still sleeping here!

Whisper: Look! We have no time for that! We have a Top Secret.

Jibanyan: Um... Keita?

Whisper: Not even that Boy.

Jibanyan: Inaho?

Whisper: No! It's top secret!

Jibanyan: What are you talking about, I'm talk to them behind you.

Whisper: (Gasp)

He turn around and Saw Keita, Inaho, Usapyon, Komasan and Komajiro

Keita: What's going on?

Whisper: Oh, boy. Well, you're not gonna like this....

Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts

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