Here is the scene where Goku re-appears and helps out G-Merl and the other heroes fight the black arms in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

Emerl: HIYA!!!

(As the Black Arms go down, more comes forward to use they're guns at them)

Donkey Kong: Whoa, they've got gun's, look out!!

Yoshi: Yow....! we gotta get....! out of....! the way?!!

G-Merl: Go!

(G-Merl and the others runs off but then they come across a dead end)

Yoshi: We're trapped!

(Then the Black arms arrive and ready to shoot the heroes)

???: Take cover!

(Then a powerful beam came out of nowhere blasting the black arms away, then a shadowy figure appears landing on the ground)

G-Merl: Who are you?

(Then, the shadowy figure turn's out to be Goku)

Goku: G-Merl, it's me, Goku.

Yoshi: Goku?!

Emerl: What a perfect time to help us out.

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