Here is how the Avengers and X-Men join the team to search for Dinolantis in Dinolantis: the lost dinosaur kingdom.

(we see everyone getting ready to take off)

Yen Sid: There is one more thing to discuss.

Max Taylor: What's that?

(two jets are heard outside and landing)

Yen Sid: Ah yes. They're here.

(everyone goes outside to see two jets, one with an A on it, the other a Blackbird, land)

Sunset Shimmer: There's only two team that own those jets.

Iron Man: That's what you think.

(The Avengers arrive)

Casey Jones: Hello, Tony Stark. How's the life?

Logan: Well, that's not all.

(the X-Men show up)

Rainbow Dash: Hah, you guys don't look so tough.

Wolverine:(unsheathes his claws and sharpens them) Sorry, I didn't hear that. What did you say?

Rainbow Dash: Never mind.

Quicksilver: So you're Rainbow Dash? Huh, wanna have a race when we arrive?

Scarlet Witch:(immobilizes him) Pietro, you're getting annoying.

Quicksilver: Says the Avenger sister i happen to have.

Scarlet Witch:(lets him go) You'll have to forgive my brother. He can be an idiot sometimes.

Dr. Banner: Max Taylor. Dr. Bruce Banner. I'm a friend of your father's.

Max Taylor: Hi.

Ant-Man: So, we're going to see an ancient land called Dinolantis, which is the home of some more living dinosaurs.

Rex Owen: There aren't any living dinosaurs there.

Deadpool: That's what you think.(slaps him with a fish)

Zoe Drake: Where did you even get that?!

Scott Summers: Don't ask.

Rex Owen: Still... Dinolantis doesn't exist.

Max Taylor: It does exist! I can prove it to you!

Deadpool: We all going to prove Max is right, by find the lost continent of Dinolantis.

Captain America: Namor wishes he could be here, Yen Sid. But he's got more important matters.

Mystique: But we brought someone else.

(a red T-Rex comes out of the Quinjet)

Wolverine: Meet Devil Dinosaur. He's from the Savage Land.

Thor: He is more fierce than Odin's beard.

Nightcrawler: I'm blue. I mean, I would like to go to Dinolantis.

Shadowcat: Oh hey Kurt, I didn't you were here.

Nightcrawler: Well, maybe we'll find it then.

Spider-Man: Not a bad idea.

Deadpool: And now gentlemen... OFF TO DINOLANTIS!!! But first, introductions! Meet Scott Summers!


Deadpool: Leader of the X-Men, he is quite the hot shot for ladies!


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