This is how enter the Diesel Trio goes in Thomas' Rock and Roll Adventure.

Timothy: Hi. Are you the newbies I'm supposed to show around?

Diesel: [as he, 'Arry and Bert step out of the shadows] Yes. Absolutely.

Timothy: Canterlot High is a great school. You're really going to love it here.

Diesel: Oh, yes. We really sense that there's something, how shall I say, "magical" about this place.

Timothy: I'm sure theres something. Come on, let me give you a tour.

[Later on, in the hall]

Timothy: There's the science lab. In there is the Computer lab. Oh! We're having a big musical showcase this weekend! The whole school is pretty much rallying around it.

Diesel: [gasp, cupping his chin and turns to 'Arry and Bert] Hmm. Sounds interesting.

Timothy: I'm sure that since you're new, Principle Celestia might sign you up if you're interested.

'Arry: We have been known to sing from time to time.

Bert: Hello. I think we sing, like, all the time. That's how we get people to do what we want, you know?

Diesel: [turns to Bert, growls and points]

Bert: Huh? What did I say?

Diesel: What you meant to say was that us being in a musical showcase would be a great way to meet other students.

Bert: Oh, yeah. Right. That's what I meant to say what you just said. That is what I meant... to say.

'Arry: Ugh! And what you would have said if you weren't the worst, Bert.

Bert: I think you're the worst, 'Arry.

Diesel: You'll have to excuse my two friends here. They're idiots!

Bert: 'Arry, is Diesel talking about us?

'Arry: [whispering] Doesn't matter now. Just play along.

[Bert gives 'Arry a thumbs up]

'Arry and Bert: Hmph.

Timothy:[noticed something they are wearing] Oh, nice necklaces you three got here.

Diesel: Thanks.

Timothy: Where did you get them? [reaches for Diesel's pendant]

Diesel: Don't! [grabs Timothy's hand]

[Once Diesel lets go, Timothy rubs it]

Diesel: Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that these pendants mean so much to us. We'd just hate for anything to happen to them.

Timothy: I understand, Diesel.

[As Diesel and 'Arry walk off, Bert stays behind]

Bert: If you want to play Skylanders: Superchargers, I'd be happy to.

'Arry: Come on, Bert!

['Arry pulls Bert away and Timothy ponders over their strange behaviour]

Timothy: Wow! That was weird.

[Meanwhile in the cafeteria]

Toby: So, how was the tour?

Timothy: I don't know, Toby. These boys. I think there is something off about them.

Charlie: [making various weird faces] Off like this. Or off like this. Or maybe...

Gordon: I think we should let him tell us.

Timothy: That's just it. I can't put my finger on it. They acted sort of strange around me.

James: What do you mean, Timothy?

Timothy: I'm talking about the new guys.

James: Yeah, that's right.

[Outside, Diesel is watching]

Diesel: This is it, boys. It is the moment we are waiting for.

Bert: Is it lunchtime?

Diesel: No, Bert. It's the moment where we get our true Cybertronian Energy back.

Bert: Oh, yeah. I knew that.

Diesel: Looks like our voices are strong enough to make them want something so badly, they'll have to fight to get it.

'Arry: So we're going to do what we always do? Stir up some trouble and then feed off the negative energy? Some plan, Diesel.

Diesel: It won't be the same like the time before, 'Arry.

'Arry: So what?

Diesel: Because, there's Cybertronian Energy here.

'Arry: And?

Diesel: And, their negative energy will give us the power we need to get everyone in this world to do our bidding.

Bert: But we can get lunch after right? Its Taco Tuesday.

Diesel: You're right, Bert. But, just follow my lead.

'Arry: [cups his chin] Or my lead.

Diesel: [grabs 'Arry angrily] My lead.

[Diesel thrusts the doors to the cafeteria open]

[The Diesel Trio started vocalizing]

The Diesel Trio: Ah, ahh-ahh, ahhh-ahhh!~

Ah, ahh-ahh, ahh-ahhh!~

Ah, ahh-ahh, ahhh-ahh!~

Ah, ahh-ahh, ahhh-ahh!~

Diesel: We heard you want to get together!~

We heard you want to rock this school~

We've thought of something that is better~

Something that changes all the rules~

Why pretend we're all the same~

When some of us shine brighter?~

'Arry and Bert: Shine brighter~

Diesel: Here's the chance to find your flame~

Are you a loser or a fighter?~

The Diesel Trio: Me and you, you and me~

Why don't we see who is better?~

We don't have to be one in the same thing~

Oh, what's so wrong with a little competition?~

Are you afraid of failing the audition?~

Diesel: You're the star and you should know it~

Yeah, you rise above the rest~

It doesn't matter who you hurt~

If you're just proving you're the best.

The Diesle Trio: Ah, ahh ahh~


You want to win it~

Let's have a battle, Battle of the Bands~

Let's have a battle~

We'll go all in it~

Let's have a battle, battle, battle, battle!~

Battle of the Bands~


Emmet: I could beat you, Benny.

The Diesel Trio: Battle~

Benny(The LEGO Movie): You think, Emmet? Let me build a spaceship.

Emmet: That's not technically what Cherry Crash said in the Rainbow Rocks movie.

Benny(The LEGO Movie): Wait. Ha! You wish. That's right.

The Diesel Trio: Battle~

Kaos: I so want this thing.

The Diesel Trio: Battle~

Glumshanks: Let's do this thing already!

Mike (Total Drama): Oh, yeah? You guys wanna bet?

Foxy the Pirate (EG): Not if Freddy and Friends get it first, maties!

The Diesel Trio and Students: Me and you, you and me~

Why don't we see who is better?~

We don't have to be one in the same thing~

Oh, what's so wrong with a little competition?~

Students: I'm going out and winning the audition~

The Diesel Trio and Students: Battle, We wanna win it~

Let's have a battle, Battle of the Bands~

Let's have a battle, we'll go all in it~

Let's have a battle, battle, battle~

Battle of the Bands~

[students arguing]

Charlie: Oh. They're that kind of off.

Timothy: Those three are denfinately in control of some dark magic.

Evil Ryan:[off-screen] Ya think, Tim?

[Timothy looks around to see two boys and a girl]

Timothy: Hi. Are you the three who want to help us?

Evil Rayn:[as he, Bertram and Evil Anna step out of the shadows] We are.

[Timothy gasps and faints]

Evil Ryan: Tim? Are you ok?

[in the dreamworld. Timothy, Ryan and Mike encounters an evil clone of Timothy, Demonic Mal and the Diesel Trio with Sunset Shimmer (Opposite) holding Sunset Shimmer hostage]

Ryan F-Freeman: Please, Mal! You can't do this with the Diesel Trio!

Demonic Mal: I have to, Ryan. The Diesel Trio wants this world to be their kingdom. I want your body so I can rule Equestria as Dark Ryan F-Freeman!

Timothy: Hey! Give me back my girlfriend and Twilight's crown!

Mike: Mal! You can't do this!

[Demonic Mal laughs and transforms into Dark Ryan F-Freeman]

Mike: Seriously! You have to stop!

Mal: Stop? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm just getting started.

Sunset Shimmer (Opposite): I'll make sure that her past is today![posses Sunset's body]

[Sunset feels her evil self in her body and pulls out Twilight's crown]

Timothy: Sunset? What are you doing?

[Sunset looks at Timothy and smiles an evil smile]

Sunset Shimmer: I want you to know that I brought Sunset's past. And more power then I could ever imagine![puts Twilight's crown on her head]

[The dark magic from Twilight's crown fills Sunset as she lifts up in the air and then she transforms into a she-demon of herself from the Equestria Girls movie]

Demon Sunset Shimmer:[Laughs evilly]

Ryan F-Freeman:[in Wreck-It Ralph's voice] No way!!

[Mike screams and faints]

Zoey: Mike!

Evil Ryan: Dark Ryan!? What do you and Dark Ryan want, Sunset? Canterlot High?

[Sunset lands on the ground]

Demon Sunset Shimmer: No, Evil Ryan. The reason why Dark Ryan is with me. I don't want to rule this fine little high school. I want Equestria! With Mal and the Diesel Trio behind me, I'm going to get it!

[Ryan steps up to Sunset]

Ryan F-Freeman: If Twilight and her friends beat you before then I'll do the same. Plus, you are not getting Equestria!

[Sunset floats up]

Demon Sunset Shimmer: Oh please, Ryan. What exactly do you think you're going to do to stop me? I have magic, and you have NOTHING!

Thomas: He has us and the friends we've made in the past.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks, Thomas.

[Timothy steps right to Ryan]

Timothy: You don't have to do this, Sunset. Ryan helps Thomas fit in and he became a Prime and a prince.

[Mal laughs]

Demon Sunset Shimmer:[growls] [Evil laughter] Gee. The gang really is all back together again![laughs]

Crash Bandicoot: What's so funny?

[Sunset uses her magic to make a fireball]

Demonic Mal: If you will not join Sunset, Tim. Then you will be exterminated!

Demon Sunset Shimmer: Now step aside! Ryan is trying to interfere with our plans one to many times already! He needs to be dealt with!

[She throw a fireball at Ryan and the heroes but Thomas winks Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: What?

Thomas: Don't worry, Ryan. I'll protect you![hugs Ryan]

[Timothy and the heroes join in and the fireball hits them]

Demonic Mal: We did it!!!

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan!!!![to Sunset] WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?

Demon Sunset Shimmer: [laughs evilly]

[Sunset looks to see her attack didn't work]

Thomas: Ryan? What happened?

[Ryan opens his eyes and find out that the attack didn't work and his friendship made a force field]

Matau T. Monkey: Phew.[jumps and grabs Sunset's leg] Get out of Sunset's body, Sunset clone!

[Demon Sunset looks at Matau]

Demon Sunset Shimmer: Get off me, you apprentice of Ryan!

[Matau climbs up and turns Sunset's head to see Ryan and his friends in a force field]

Demon Sunset Shimmer: What?!

Ryan F-Freeman: For the first time in my life, Cody and I feel more alive!!![to Sunset] The magic contained in Twilight's Element was able to unite with those that helped create it!!

[The magic from Twilight's crown flows to the force field]

Ryan F-Freeman: [as he and his friends gain their antro-pony forms] Honesty! Kindness! Laughter! Generosity! Loyalty! Magic! [to Sunset] Together with Twilight's crown, they have made a power beyond anything you could possibly imagine, but it is a power you don't have the ability to control! You may have Sunset's body and Twilight's crown, bad clone of Sunset Shimmer, but you can't wield them, because you don't got the most powerful magic of all: the Magic of Friendship!

Demon Sunset Shimmer: No!

Matau T. Monkey: Yes! You'll soon be free, Sunset.

[Ryan and his friends hold hands and form a heart shape then fires a rainbow at Sunset]

Demon Sunset Shimmer: No![screaming] What is happening!?

[The magic from the rainbow separates Sunset from Sunset (Opposite)]

Thomas: Here and in some other world, it is the only magic that can truly unite us all!

[They make a blast that hits Mal. In reality]

Evil Ryan: Tim? You ok? I know what to do.[pulls out a glass of water and splashes it on Timothy's face]

Timothy:[wakes up] Oh. Thanks, Evil Ryan. I had this weird dream. You were in it. [points to Bertram] And you were there.[points to Sunset Shimmer] And you were there.[points to Matau] And you were there.

[As Timothy gets up, Mal peeks in the corner and makes an evil plan]

Mal: Well, Timothy. When Ryan's body is mine and you back on the dark side, you can rule Cybertron and I will rule Equestria.

Bertram T. Monkey:[in Dr. Robotnik's voice] Snooping as usual I see?

[Mal gasps when Bertram saw him]

Mal: Bertram!? How come you're not under the new boys' spell?

[Bertram points to the purple gem of his pendant]

Mal: Your pendant? I get it. You and your friends are sirens.

[Evil Ryan looks at Bertram and Evil Anna as Mal walks off]

Evil Anna: Well, Tim. Mal is also a siren.

[Timothy gasps]

Timothy: You're right, Evil Anna. You and two of your friends can help us.

[The Cyberlings nods]

Bertram T. Monkey: Remember when Charlie said you turn the students into teenage zombies? I did that for you.

[flashback to the scene in "Thomas' Human Adventure"]

Mr. L: My friend have to jump through a lot of hoops tonight, just get his hands on the Matrix. Plus, it really should be his all along! But let's let bygones be bygones. He is your prince now. And you will be loyal.... to HIM!!!

[Timothy smashes the school entrance]

Rigby (EG): Students! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

Bertram T. Monkey: Something's missing. Oh, I know![puts his hands on his forehead and open his eyes to reveal blue and purple swirls]

[The students gets hypnotized and starts to make zombie-like moans]

[Flashback ends]

Timothy: Oh. You did that for me.

Mal: Huh? Did I did that?

Evil Anna: Not you, Mal.[points to Bertram] Bertram did it.

[Mal growls]

Bertram T. Monkey: Don't get angry, Mal. Our pendants protects us from the new boys' singing. Take a deep breath and calm down.

[Mal does what Bertram told him to]

Mal: Ok, Bertram. Looks like your pendants protects you and two of your friends. And the Steambooms?

[Bertram shrugs]

[cricket chirps]

Evil Ryan: I think they are protected like what the Rainbooms have.

[Timothy smiles then Cody shows up]

Cody Fairbrother: Guys! How come I'm not under the new boys' spell?

[Evil Ryan whispers why Cody's not]

Cody Fairbrother: Oh I get it. I'm immune like Sunset and her friends.

Evil Ryan: Maybe you can help the Steambooms and tell the principles, Cody.

[Cody nods and hugs Timothy]

Timothy: Oh. We got a hugger. How come you and Sunset became friends?

[Cody holds up a sign that says "Sunset and I are friends back in Equestria."]

Timothy: You do? And can we get back to following the script?

[Cody nods]

Ten Cents: Hey-ya, fellas!

Cody Fairbrother: Ten Cents? Is Gamer Kid with you?

[Gamer Kid from Lego Dimensions appears]

Ten Cents: Yes, Cody. He is.

[Cody smiles]

Sunshine: What's the big deal about the Diesel Trio?

Gamer Kid: The Diesel Trio? I thought the Dazzlings are the only ones.

Cody Fairbrother: Maybe you can help the Steambooms, Gamer Kid. I'll join the Rainbooms when we reformed the Diesel Trio.

Gamer Kid: You're right. Let's go tell the principles about what happened. We'll have the Diesel Trio going back to where they came from. Last thing we need is another CHS Event almost ruined by a power-crazed Robo-lunitic.[to Timothy] No offence.

Timothy:[sighs] None taken, Gamer Kid.

Cody Fairbrother: I'll find a paper sheet so you can write a message to Thomas and my brother, Tim.

Timothy: That's nice, Cody. Like Sunset, you do got a reputation at Canterlot High.

[Cody smiles and gives Timothy a sheet of paper]

Cody Fairbrother: I'll go to sign my brother Ryan and the Dazzlings up in this battle of the bands, Tim.

Rigby (EG): Maybe we're immune like you and your friends, Timothy.

[Matau nods and holds a sign that says "Yeah, Rigby. We can help the Steambooms win against the Diesel Trio."]

Mordecai (EG): Wow, Matau. Where is Ryan?

Matau T. Monkey: He's on Cybertron, Mordecai. I saw him in that video Crash sent.

[Matau shows his friends the video that Crash sent. Ryan is a Prime and a prince]

Rigby (EG): Wow! I never knew that.

Mordecai (EG): Me too, dude. Maybe the Cyberlings can help.

[Matau nods and they leave]

Timothy: [sighs] I didn't know but it's a long time since I saw Optimus Prime and his techno-organic friend

Matau T. Monkey: I knew that Cody is friends with your girlfriend, Sunset Shimmer, Tim. I'll start the super wavy flashback effect!!

Timothy: I don't want any flashbacks at the moment.

Matau T. Monkey: Maybe this will help you, Tim.[shows Timothy a sheet of paper that says "Sunset Shimmer and Cody Fairbrother met in Equestria and became friends and the Princess of the Sun's students. They began to study under her wings long before Twilight did. But, unlike Cody, Sunset did not get what she wanted as quickly as she likes, she turned dishonest and cruel. So she decided to abandon her studies with Cody and pursue her own path. One which lead to her taking Twilight's crown and Cody had been the only one who saw her do it. Cody follows Sunset to a mirror where Twilight's crown went into it then Sunset and Cody follow Twilight's crown into the mirror and arrive at CHS and gets a reputation here."]

Timothy: Wow! I didn't know that.

Rigby (EG): Neither have I, Timothy.

[in the principle's office]

Rigby (EG): Uh, you know about those three boys, Principle Celestia?

[Principle Celestia nods]

Mordecai (EG): Matau, his friends and I have saw them singing in the cafeteria and we're not sure that they're doing is right.

Predaking (EG): Same thing for the Steambooms.

[Timothy smiles]

Sunset Shimmer: Hi, Tim.

[Rigby (EG) looks at Sunset and reminds him of the day of the Fall Formal]

Rigby (EG): Ah, Sunset Shimmer. I remembered you as a demon trying to turn me into one of those mindless slaves.


[Rigby (EG) looks at Sunset and Cody and runs from them]

Mordecai (EG): Rigby! RIGBY!!!

[Rigby (EG) went inside the school to be safe]

Rigby (EG): I'm safe now.

[Sunset glides towards the school and lands on the ground]

Rigby (EG): AAAHHH!!!

[Rigby (EG) hides behind one of the students]

Sunset Shimmer: Well, Rigby. I have to say that I have to jump through some many hoops tonight, just to get my hands on this crown and it really should been mine all along.[growls] But, let's let bygones be bygones. I am your princess now. And you will be loyal... to ME!!!

[She used her magic to smash the school entrance]

Rigby (EG): Never! I'll show my friends that I'm brave! [jumps and punches Sunset]

[Sunset flies as Rigby (EG) runs to his friends and she puts her hands on her forehead and opens her eyes to reveal the swirls that hypnotizes the students and Rigby (EG)]

[Rigby (EG) falls onto Mordecai (EG) and starts to make zombie-like moans]

[Mordecai (EG) gasps]

Mordecai (EG): Rigby? Are you ok?

[He nods and goes to Sunset and Cody]

Cody Fairbrother: Wow! That's cool, Sunset.

[Sunset nods and looks at Snips and Snails]

Sunset Shimmer: Round them up and bring them to the portal.

[Snips and Snails gives a salute and follow the order Sunset said]

Ryan F-Freeman: Stop right there, Sunset![summons his Keyblade] Why is Cody with you?

Sunset Shimmer: Because, Ryan. He is a friend of mine.

Crash Bandicoot: Your plans to rule Canterlot High will be exterminated!

[Sunset looks at Crash]

Sunset Shimmer: What?!

Cody Fairbrother: Spoiler alert.

[Sunset clears her throat and starts speaking her line]

Sunset Shimmer: Spoiler alert. I was bluffing when I said I was going to destroy the portal. I don't want to rule this pathetic little high school. Cody and I want Equestria! And with our own little teenage army behind us, we're going to get it!

[Cody smiles and watches Ryan and the others]

Ryan F-Freeman: No! You and Cody can not!

Sunset Shimmer: Oh please. What chances of you and Twilight think you two going to do to stop us? Cody and I have magic and all you have is a tiny PATHETIC SONIC SCREWDRIVER!!

Ryan F-Freeman: You're wrong, Sunset. Plus, you ever heard of mouthwash?

Thomas:[laughs] Nice one, Ryan.

Human Rainbow Dash: She and Ryan has us.

[Ryan smiles and Cody flies to Sunset]

Thomas: We're with your brother, Cody.

[Cody smiles and Sunset growls]

Thomas: Wow! I knew that there's still some good in you.

[Cody laughs]

Cody Fairbrother: Wow wee! The gang is back together again, Sunset.[laughs] Let me have a go.

[Cody makes a fireball with his magic]

Ryan F-Freeman: Cody? What are you doing?

[Cody looks at Ryan]

Cody Fairbrother: Sorry, Ryan. But this is for Sunset. Twilight and you are trying to mess up my friend's plans lots of times already. You and Twilight needs to be exterminated! I hope you survive, Ryan.

[Ryan nods and puts on a blindfold then Cody throws the fireball at Ryan and Twilight and their friends cuddle around them to protect them]

Ryan F-Freeman:[unintelligible mumbling] Amen.

[The fireball hits them and Cody feels very strong and tries not to cry]

Cody Fairbrother: I did it, Sunset.

[Sunset hugs Cody]

Thomas: Excuse me?

Cody Fairbrother: C'mon, Sunset. Laugh with me.

[Cody and Sunset laughs]

Cody Fairbrother: Ah.[looks to see Ryan and his friends survived the attack] RYAN!! Thank goodness, you're ok.

[Cody turns Sunset's head to see that Ryan, Twilight and their friends survived the attack]

Sunset Shimmer: What?!

[Ryan, Twilight and their friends are in a force field]

Ryan F-Freeman: Cody? Do I need to take the blindfold off?

[Cody nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok.[takes the blindfold off] The magic contained in Twilight's element is able to unite with those who help create it.

[A magic steam flows to the force field]

Crash Bandicoot: Say the names of the elements, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman:[echoing] Honesty! Kindness! Laughter! Generosity! Loyalty! Magic! [he and Twilight gain pony ears, wings and longer hair] Together with Twilight's crown they create a power beyond anything you could imagine, but it is a power your friend doesn't have the ability to control. Twilight's crown maybe upon Sunset's head, Cody, but she can't wield it, because she lacks the only thing that is the most powerful magic of all: The Magic of Friendship.

Cody Fairbrother: Yeah. Plus, you got one shot at this, so make it count and free Rigby.

[Ryan, Twilight, Crash, Matau and their friends are holding hands and forms a shape of a heart. Then fires a rainbow beam at Sunset and Cody and Snips and Snails]

Sunset Shimmer: No![screams] What is happening!?

Cody Fairbrother: I don't know!

[Evil Ryan and Bertram gets hit by the rainbow and sent flying from CHS to a café where Evil Anna and the Dazzlings are]

[Rigby (EG) is freed from Sunset's mind control and looks to see Ryan and his friends are in their anthro pony forms]

Cody Fairbrother: You're free, Rigby!

[Rigby (EG) smiles and takes a photo of Sunset and Cody then puts on his sunglasses]

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Here and on some worlds like Equestria and Cybertron, it is the only magic that can really unites us all!

[A bright light hits the rainbow tornado turning Cody, Sunset and Snips and Snails back to normal while freeing the students in the process]

[The light fades and Rigby (EG) jumps into the hole where Cody and Sunset are]

Cody Fairbrother:[groans] That hurt. Rigby?

[Rigby (EG) nods and turns Cody's head so he can see Ryan and Twilight]

[Sunset sits with Cody]

Ryan F-Freeman: You and Sunset can never rule in Equestria. Every one of those magic power she have here is all gone. Tonight she and you have finally showed them who she really is. She has showed them what's in her heart.

Cody Fairbrother: Sunset? What do you have to say for yourself?

Sunset Shimmer:[sniffs] I... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Cody. I didn't know that there was another way.

Cody Fairbrother: I'm so sorry too, Ryan. I'm sorry that I let Sunset play me for a fool.[starts crying and hugs Sunset]

[Ryan puts his hand on Cody's shoulder]

Ryan F-Freeman: I know, bro. And going by my experiences with Twilight. I'll forgive you and for your reputation.

[Cody smiles as he is helped by Bumblebee, Captain Hook and The Mad Doctor]

Bumblebee: Cody. Why did you try to help Sunset?

Mad Doctor: And try to kill your brother?

Cody Fairbrother: Well, it's just because Sunset wanted what was best for me.

Captain Hook: What's wrong with your hair, Cody?

[Cody holds up a mirror to reveal that his hair is all scruffy looking]

Bumblebee: Must've happened when the light hit you.

Cody Fairbrother: Yeah. [to Sunset] Sunset. The Magic of Friendship doesn't just exist in Equestria. It's everywhere. You can seek it out like me, or you can forever be alone. The choice is yours.

Sunset Shimmer: But, Cody. All I ever done since being here is drive everyone, including you, apart. I don't know the first thing about friendship.

Crash Bandicoot: Don't worry, Sunset Shimmer. I bet my, Ryan's and Twilight's friends can teach you.

[Sunset looks at Crash to see he is in his anthro-pony form with wings]

Thomas: What do you think of Crash, Sunset?

[Sunset gives Crash a thumbs up]

Crash Bandicoot: Thanks.

Sunset Shimmer: You're welcome, Crash Bandicoot.

[Flashback ends]

Rigby (EG): Wow!

Mordecai (EG): I didn't know you was brave when you see what happened at the Fall Formal.

[Rigby (EG) nods and Sunset smiles]

Matau T. Monkey: You think you saw my master in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions, Sunset?

Sunset Shimmer: I don't know, Matau.

Matau T. Monkey: Principle Celestia and Vice Principle Luna. You do know that these three boys got something. I think it was those pendants they are wearing.

Buck the Weasel (EG): It's dark magic these boys have got, Principle Celestia.

[Principle Celestia smiles]

Vice Principle Luna: I think you might be on to something, Buck. It's like you can remember Timothy's actions at the Fall Formal.

Buck the Weasel (EG): Oh yeah. That makes me a detective.

[Timothy gasps at the thought of someone trying to bring his past up]

Timothy: Buck? You tried to bring my..[mouth gets covered by Garfield (EG)]

Garfield (EG): Point on the three boys, Timothy.

[Timothy and Sunset nods because of what Garfield (EG) said]

Timothy: Ok, Garfield. I got your point. At least Rigby forgave Sunset. Right?

Garfield (EG): Of course, Timothy.

[Sunset smiles]

Principle Celestia: Well, Buck. I did see these boys come here and they like to sign up for the showcase.

[Matau holds up a sign that says "They did?"]

Principle Celestia: Yes, Matau.

Matau T. Monkey: Thank goodness. We saw how the Diesel Trio sing to the other students. It's like what the Dazzlings did.

[Timothy tilts his head]

Buck the Wiesel (EG): The Dazzlings?

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah. Master Ryan help them to see the errors of their ways after the battle of the bands in the Rainbow Rocks movie.

Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG): Oh I remember now. I got that on my I-Pad.[pulls out his I-Pad and plays a scene from the Rainbow Rocks movie]

Evil Ryan: Wow. I can't believe that I used my magic to protect our pendants. [looks at the Dazzlings] Uh oh. Girls! SING!!!

Adagio Dazzle: Ok, Evil Ryan.

The Dazzlings:[sings off-key] We will be adored~

Tell us that you want us~

We won't be ignored~

It's time for our reward~

Crowd:[booing and jeering]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh no! I'll go after them.[runs after the Dazzlings]

Jessica Fairbrother: Grandfather! Wait!

Matau T. Monkey: Let him go, Jessica. He'll try to reform them.

[Jessica nods. Ryan runs after the Dazzlings and they stop singing and run off stage cause the audience chucks fruit and vegetables at them]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey! Stop it! These girls are my friends!

[The crowd stop what they are doing and Ryan runs off after the Dazzlings]

Ryan F-Freeman: Adagio! Aria! Sonata! Wait for me! Come back!

[Bumblebee saw that Ryan was calling to the Dazzlings]

Crash Bandicoot: I didn't know that Ryan is friends with the sirens.

Bumblebee: I guess they are, Crash.

Crash Bandicoot: I'll go follow him. [runs to follow Ryan]

Bumblebee: Be careful, Crash Bandicoot. Good luck.

Crash Bandicoot: Ok, Bee. I'm coming to help the sirens, Ryan!

Ryan F-Freeman: It's ok, Crash. I can handle this.[to the Dazzlings] Adagio! Aria! Sonata! Wait for me! Come back!

[The Dazzlings stop and turn to see Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks. What's the matter? Why you're so sad?

Aria Blaze: Because we can't sing anymore because our pendants are broken, Ryan.

[Ryan looks at the broken bits of the pendants]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Can you tell me what happened to them?

[The Dazzlings tell him about what happened to them]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. The Magic of Friendship crushed your pendants but it doesn't just exist in Equestria. It's everywhere. You three can seek it out like Sunset did, or you can forever be alone. So, what is it you three going to pick?

[The Dazzlings chose to seek it out]

Ryan F-Freeman: Good. [to Adagio] Why did you put me under your spell, Adagio?

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