Here is how the gang arrived in the Town of San Angel goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan read The Book of Life.

[The gang arrive outside a museum]

Ryan F-Freeman: So. I hope we can get to see some stuff without some of this shoe stuff.

Human Rarity: Yeah. I think Meg will be ok with us.

Mary Beth: Well hello.

[Then a beautiful woman wears black high heeled shoes. The heels were 10 inches tall. Inside them, the inner-soles read Magic Shoe Warehouse. On the bottom of the shoes, there are little leather hexagons]

Meg Griffin: Who are you? Does some people like Crash know some weapons?

Mary Beth: I'm Mary Beth.

Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG): Dan. Daniel Fortesque. And you think we could wait for the other kids?

[Mary sees a bus pull up]

Mary Beth: Here they are now.

Crash Bandicoot: I hope Megatron is not here since I killed him.

Nighlock: Shush.

Matau T. Monkey: Be quiet and Megatron is dead.

[A goth kid spits paper at a male tour guide who was waiting for the last bus]

Matau T. Monkey: Whoa.

Bertram T. Monkey: Amazing.

Goth Kid: A museum, again?

Thomas the Tour Guide: Oh, dear.

Goth Kid: I hate stuff.

Thomas the Tour Guide: Oh boy.

Mary Beth: Thomas, you take your break.

[The goth kid blows spit balls and Ryan blocks them. He flips the sign to a side with writing that says "Follow me"]

Ryan F-Freeman: Follow me, kids.

Mary Beth: Whoa. Nice one, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank you, miss.

[As Mary climbing up the stairs, she accidentally lost her shoe but Ryan puts it back on her foot]

Mary Beth: [smiled]

[Mary's shoes shine]

Ryan F-Freeman: Miss? You ok?

Mary Beth: Huh? Oh sorry. I think we haven't introduce ourselves.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yup. Names Ryan.

Mary Beth: Mary.

Ryan F-Freeman: Nice to meet you. So. Should we give the kids a tour?

Mary Beth: Sure.

[They walk towards the doors but turn right]

Crash Bandicoot: Uhh. the door is here, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: We won't use the door for the tour. Oh no.

Mary Beth: You need to see something Special. Right through that door. [points at the wall]

Ryan F-Freeman: There's no door here.

Mary Beth: [steps back to the wall] Am I or are you not seeing things?

Matau T. Monkey: So, it's a secret entrance.

Mary Beth: That's right.

[They head inside. They are walking in the dark hall with Ryan using the light from his eyes]

Ryan F-Freeman: Are you sure, Miss? Your shoes might get dirty and dusty.

[Mary looked at her shoes, but she looks at the kids]

Mary Beth: I know. But, now today is November 2nd. Do any of you know what day is it?

Sonata Dusk and Evil Anna: Taco Tuesday!

Mary Beth: No. Today is the Day of the Dead.

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool. Is it like me paying respect to my student?

Mary Beth: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope we don't run into someone.

[Just then, a security guard pops up]

Guicho: Ha!

Kids: Aaah!

Evil Anna: Whoa!

Guicho: No one should come here. Because, the rules of... the museum. The administrators...

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh boy.

Mary Beth: Guicho, I know you like me.

Guicho: I suppose I could turn a blind eye, my dear.

[As Mary kissed Guicho on his head, she raised her leg up and Ryan noticed dirt and dusty on the soles of Mary's shoes]

Ryan F-Freeman: Come on, Mary. We don't have time for this shoe dust. [wipes the dust off]

Mary Beth: Thanks.

[They go to a room and Mary puts her hand on the light switch]

Mary Beth: Behold. The glorious beauty of Mexico!

Ryan F-Freeman: Miss, because of the floor was shiny, may I clean your shoes?

Mary Beth: Sure.

[Mary was about to give Ryan her shoes when Evil Ryan snaps his fingers and her shoes are clean]

Evil Ryan: Should we continue with the tour? I don't want this movie too long and forget about shoes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oops. Sorry.

Mary Beth: It's ok.

[They look around then Evil Ryan see Sasha]

Evil Ryan: Oh. Hello, little girl. You like this place?

Sasha: Yeah.

Mary Beth: Good.

The Cyberlings: The book of life.

Mary Beth: Yes. And this book holds many truths. Some are ture.

[Mary opens it]

Bertram T. Monkey: The Battle of Sinco de Mayo?

Mary Beth: And some not so much.

[El Chupacabra eat a goat, Ryan gasps]

Luke Ramire: El Chupacabra? The legendary goat chomper?

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Miss. What if you can step on the goat poop?

Mary Beth: [look at her shoes, they are clean] I think we need to get on with the story.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Before we start this story. We have to meet three rulers of the world we are about to visit.

Mary Beth: Indeed.


Mary Beth:

[As Mary looked at the picture of Xiabahba, she smiled and her foot pointed to the ground and her shoe slipped off]

Evil Ryan: [uses his magic to put Mary's shoe back on her foot] What did I say? Ryan? I think the 3rd one is Candle Maker. He is made of wax and has a beard full of clouds.

Ryan F-Freeman: Clouds? [looks around]

Mary Beth: It's a joke.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. So. While you tell the story to the kids. I'll open up a portal to San Angle for my friends.

[Ryan summons his Keyblade and points at the book. Magic starts to Sparkle and a portal to San Angle opens]

Sasha: Whoa.

Sci-Ryan: Say, Mary. Do you look like someone? Like my sister?

Mary Beth: Well. Yeah. But, should you look at my shoes?

Sci-Ryan: No. I think we could see each other after the story is finished.

[As the others went into the portal, Ryan look at Mary's shoes]

Ryan F-Freeman: Pretty cool shoes.

Mary Beth: [noticed her shoes, they are

Ryan F-Freeman: May I see the details?

Mary Beth: Sure.

[Mary went to sit on a bench, she lift her shoes up and Ryan puts on sunglasses]

Ryan F-Freeman: Shiny.

[Mary's shoes are

Mary Beth: I got those shoes for

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool. You think Sci-Ryan is ok?

Mary Beth: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: But, my friends are waiting. I want to have adventure. Not look at footwear.

Mary Beth: Oh.

Ryan F-Freeman: That's is enough. I just got to go.

Mary Beth: I understand.

Ryan F-Freeman: [writes something] Here, Mary.

[Ryan gave Mary a note to her]

Mary Beth: [placed the paper in her shoe by putting the note

Ryan F-Freeman: You will be ok with the kids?

Mary Beth: Yeah,

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't worry. Maybe one day, everyone will forget about shoes.

Mary Beth: Yes, Ryan. You think we begin our story

Ryan F-Freeman: Yup. Until then, I hope I can go somewhere with Meg.

Mary Beth: Yeah.

[Ryan waves to Mary and kiss her]

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope you can read the story. One thing. Forget about your shoes.

Mary Beth: Yes, Ryan. Good luck.

Ryan F-Freeman: See you later. [goes into the portal]

Mary Beth: Bye. [as the portal closes]

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