This is the epilogue to Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction

[after the credits we now see Bradey getting new wheels at O'Diesel's Base]

[then Morack shunts in a pair of new silver buffers for Bradey]

[then soon Bradey is fixed]

Bradey O'Diesel: Thank you, Morack. I can't thank you enough.

Morack: My pleasure.

[then Sargeant Savage walks in]

Savage: Good to see you're fixed, Ms. O'Diesel.

Bradey O'Diesel: I appreciate you coming to help me, Savage. I can always depend you. But... but. I can't believe I lost that that damn trolley and tramway diesel in duel! If my Master were here now, he would've practically given me a very harsh punishment. (heads over to a window to gaze at the stars). I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'll need help from another Sith Lord in order to make my big plan so. But not Kylo Ren, someone who is equally as powerful as I.

Savage: Well, you're in luck, Ms. O'Diesel. For I recently met another Sith Lord who has a conflict with Tucker and Hugs' whale friend. And he is just as powerful as you are, so I asked him to join us.

Bradey O'Diesel: Savage, I don't mean this next question offencively, but who else is as powerful as me that can take on T.C. and Hugs? 

???: That would be me, m'am.

[then out from the shadows, emerges Darth Megadon!]

Bradey O'Diesel: Wha? Who are you? [then she takes a better look] Wait a minute, you're Darth Megadon! I've heard stories about you, but I never thought you actually were real!

Darth Megadon: I'm as real as you see, young O'Diesel. And I can help you succeed in your plans.

Bradey O'Diesel: Well, next time, I wanna destroy those 2 and their friends once and for all!

Darth Megadon: Then we shall, young Bradey.

Morack: Uh, Boss, I believe I might have a idea for how you might be able to succeed this time.

Bradey O'Diesel: [sighs] What is it this time?

Morack: Well, I can have my half-cousin join us and I can give you an upgrade.

Bradey O'Diesel: An upgrade? What kind of upgrade are we talking?

Morack: Well, remember the T-3000's body, I was thinking we could give you same kind of thing.

Bradey O'Diesel: Really? When can you install the machine-phase matter into my system?

Morack: Right now! [takes out a odd looking device]

Bradey O'Diesel: This isn't gonna hurt is it?

Morack: It will at first, but it'll pass. [inserts a tube in Bradey's fuel tank cap]

Bradey O'Diesel: Alright, give it to me Morack! And after this, give the Ol' SG a call!

Morack; Right, boss! [switches the machine on]

[Bradey then winces as yells as a metal pattical starts to spead on her body]

Darth Megadon; Young Willaim is in for a surprise now, as well as his friends! [cackles as the words: "To Be Continued" appear on the screen] Yes.

[Then we see a picture of Chester Bennington saying: "In Loving Memory of Chester Bennington"]

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