This is the prolouge to Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[after the credits we now see Bradey getting new wheels at O'Diesel's Base]

[then Morack shunts in a pair of new silver buffers for Bradey]

[then soon Bradey is fixed]

Bradey O'Diesel: Thank you, Morack. I can't thank you enough.

Morack: My pleasure.

[then Sargeant Savage walks in]

Savage: Good to see you're fixed, Ms. O'Diesel.

Bradey O'Diesel: I appreciate you coming to help me, Savage. I can always depend you. But... but. I can't believe I lost that that damn trolley and tramway diesel in duel! If my Master were here now, he would've practically given me a very harsh punishment. (heads over to a window to gaze at the stars). I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'll need help from another Sith Lord in order to make my big plan so. But not Kylo Ren, someone who is equally as powerful as I.

Morack: You mean like Alter?

Bradey O'Diesel: Close, but no. He's too busy focusing on destroying that yellow tram engine, and that grey saddleback tank engine, and he's too busy finding an apprentice to do his bidding. Despite me, trying to help him out.

Savage: Well, you're in luck, Ms. O'Diesel. For I recently met another Sith Lord who has a conflict with Tucker and Hugs' whale friend. And he is just as powerful as you are, so I asked him to join us.

Bradey O'Diesel: Savage, I don't mean this next question offencively, but who else is as powerful as me that can take on T.C. and Hugs? 

???: That would be me, m'am.

[then out from the shadows, emerges Darth Megadon!]

Bradey O'Diesel: Wha? Who are you? [then she takes a better look] Wait a minute, you're Darth Megadon! I've heard stories about you, but I never thought you actually were real!

Darth Megadon: I'm as real as you see, young O'Diesel. And I can help you succeed in your plans.

Bradey O'Diesel: Well, next time, I wanna destroy those 2 and their friends once and for all!

Darth Megadon: Then we shall, young Bradey.

Morack: Uh, Boss, I believe I might have a idea for how you might be able to succeed this time.

Bradey O'Diesel: [sighs] What is it this time?

Morack: Well, I can have my half-cousin join us and I can give you an upgrade.

Bradey O'Diesel: An upgrade? What kind of upgrade are we talking?

Morack: Well, remember the T-3000's body, I was thinking we could give you same kind of thing.

Bradey O'Diesel: Really? When can you install the machine-phase matter into my system?

Morack: Right now! [takes out a odd looking device]

Bradey O'Diesel: This isn't gonna hurt is it?

Morack: It will at first, but it'll pass. [inserts a tube in Bradey's fuel tank cap]

Bradey O'Diesel: Alright, give it to me Morack! And after this, give the Ol' SG a call!

Morack; Right, boss! [switches the machine on]

[Bradey then winces as yells as a metal pattical starts to spead on her body]

Darth Megadon; Young Willaim is in for a surprise now, as well as his friends! [begins cackling] Yes.