Here is how the epilogue and Thanos gives Dark Eagle, Dark Ultron, and General Zod their mission in Code Red enters the Nightmare before Christmas.

(we see a moon)

(cut to Dark Eagle, Dark Ultron, General Zod, The Grand Duke of Owls, Team Rocket, Nebula, and Black Dwarf sitting at the bottom of some stairs)

Dark Ultron:(to Nebula) So... you're Thanos' daughter.

Nebula: As a matter of fact I am.

The Other: (comes down the stairs)

Everyone: (stands up)

The Other: The master will see you now.

(they walk up the steps to a giant throne)


Nebula: Father. Our recruit is ready to meet you.

General Zod: Lord Thanos. I present to you, Dark Ultron of Earth.

(the throne turns to see them)

(sitting in the throne is a giant purple man wearing golden armor)

Thanos: Rise, dark warrior.

Dark Ultron:(does so) I live to serve you, Lord Thanos.

Thanos: I have an assignment for you, Dark Eagle, and Zod.

Dark Eagle and General Zod:(rises)

Dark Eagle: We are ready to leave when told to.

Thanos: I want you to steal this staff.(shows what the staff looks like) And if you see Palpatine or Vader, or both, destroy them.

General Zod: Yes my lord.

(Thanos smirks as the screen goes black)

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