This is how Epilogue: Thunderwing escapes Tartarus goes in Thunderwing's Revenge.

[Ryvine arrives in Tartarus with Rothbart]

Rothbart: Now, Thunderwing. You got beaten by Ryan and lost Twilight to him.


Ryvine Sparkle: Me. My masters are Unicron and Xehanort.

Thunderwing: Revenge. I must have revenge.

Ryvine Sparkle: Let me handle it. Vixyner will get Twilight for me.

Thunderwing: Help me escape.

Rothbart: Why should we? You betrayed Ryvine. I just have to leave you here as a reminder of anyone who failed us.

[Thunderwing watch as Ryvine and Rothbart leave]

Thunderwing: Uhh. Ryvine! Come back! I'll do anything! You are a friend to me! No!

[But, Ryvine and Rothbart are gone]

[Thunderwing bangs on the bar and sees he still has his strength]

Thunderwing: I still have my strength?

[Thunderwing destroys the cage holding him and unfurls his wings and flies away from Tartarus]

Thunderwing: You just wait, Ryan. Soon I will have my revenge.

[The film ends with the words: "Reconect Kingdom Hearts"]

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