This is where the group find Equinelantis and where we meet King Solar Flare in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

Princess Celestia: Hey wait!

[the 2 alicorns get up and chase the figures]

Princess Luna: Who are you?

Princess Celestia: Where are you going? Come back!

Princess Luna: We mean you no harm!

[the then see a light and they come out from a mountain side]

Princess Celestia: Hey, wait a minute!

Princess Luna: WHO ARE YOU?! [it ecohes]

Princess Celestia: [gasps]

Princess Luna: [gasps]

[then Steam Driller drills through the mountain side as everyone else races in]

Sir Handel: There they are!

Barret Barricade: Celly?

Charlie: Hey, whatcha' looking at?

Twilight: [gasps]

Brian: Oh, my God!

Olaf: [gasp]

James: Could it be?

Peter: [wipes his glasses and puts them back on]

Stephen: It's... it's...

[There in front of them, was Equinelantis!]

Mako: Holy Jumpin'!

Dusty: Holy smokes!

Rarity: It's so beautiful!

Patrick: I can look at it all day.

Ishani: Likewise.

Elsa: We did it!


Brian: YEAH!!!!

Hiro: Luna, I got to hand it to you. You and Celestia really came through.

Barret Barricade: I have to agre.

[The strange figures came in]

Digit: Yoiks!

[most of the group draw their weapons]

Edward: Blistering Boliers! Who are these guys?!

Brian: Maybe they're Equinelantians!

Ernie: What?

Twilight: They can't be!

Ed: Yeah, it's like in the...


Leader figure: [speaks in a foreign languge]

Gordon: What did he say?

Leader figure: [speaks in a foreign languge]

Yuna: I think he's talking to you, Mama.

Pepper Clark: Can you even understand the words coming from his mouth?

Princess Celestia: It's Equinlantian. An old languge.

Anna: Can you try and talk to them?

Princess Luna: Stand by young Anna, my Equinelantian is a little rusty. Ahem. [starts speaking Equinelantian back at the figure]

Leader figure: [speaks in Equinelantian back]

Princess Luna: Huh? [replies]

Leader Figure: [speaks in Equinelantian back]

Princess Luna: [replies]

[The leader figure says nothing and stands there for a moment]

Brian: What's with him?

[the figure starts to remove his armor and then reveals to be an alicorn stallion, white like Celestia but has a beard, and his mane and tail are red, sunset orange, and yellow and like Celestia and Luna's it flows like wind. And he's wearing golden armor on his chest and the base of his wings]

Alicorn Stallion: [tears up] Cellie? Luny? Is that really you?

[the 2 said alicorns drops their weapons]

Princess Celestia: Who are you?

Alicorn Stallion: Don't you reconize me? It's me.

Princess Celestia: Father?

Alicorn Stallion: [nods]

Princess Luna: Is it really you?!

Alicorn Stallion: [nods] Don't just stand there you 2. Come here! [he opens his arms]

Princess Celestia: It is you!

[the 2 run up and embrace their father]

Brian: I can't believe it!

Twilight: It's their father.

Barret Barricade: It really is their father!

King Solar Flare: Oh, I dreamed that this day would come. And it's come true!

Princess Celestia: Oh father. It's good to see you again!

Princess Luna: Me too.

Hiro: This is a proud day for Luna.

[the 3 then release]

King Solar Flare: And you've brought some company. There's even some more alicorns. [then notices Cadance] Who's this?

Princess Celestia: This is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, or just Cadance. Our niece.

Cadance: It's nice to finally meet you gramdpa.

King Solar Flare: It's an honor to meet you.

[Cadance comes up to him and they share a hug]

Cadance: Nice to meet you too.

Skyla: [comes up]

Cadance: And this my daughter, Skyla

Skyla: Hello.

King Solar Flare: [ruffles Skyla's mane] Nice to meet you.

Princess Luna: Cadance isn't the only one who's a mother.

King Solar Flare: She isn't?

Princess Luna: I'm also a mother.

Hiro: And I'm her husband. My name is Hiro.

[Yuna then comes up]

Yuna: My name is Yuna. It's good to finally meet my grandfather.

King Solar Flare: Oh, my Luny is a mother. I always hoped to become a grandfather. [then notices Snowdrop] And who you might be?

Snowdrop: I'm Snowdrop. I'm Luna and Hiro's adopted daughter, and Yuna's younger sister, when my real mother died.

King Solar Flare: What's wrong with your eyes?

Snowdrop: I'm blind.

King Solar Flare: Oh you poor dear.

Snowdrop: I know, but I can hear everything just fine.

King Solar Flare: That's good.

Barret Barricade: Good sir, it is good to finally meet you at last. I am Barret Barricade, Celestia's husband.

King Solar Flare: Please to meet you.

Princess Celestia: And these are our daughters: Sharon, and Sunlight.

Sharon: Hi.

Sunlight: Hello.

Princess Celestia: I knew we would find you again father.

King Solar Flare: Me too.

Elsa: Your Majesty, I am Queen Elsa of Ardendale. I am also the God mother of Luna's daughters.

King Solar Flare: Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Thomas: Your highness, we are close subjects to your daughters from the surface world. We come in peace.

King Solar Flare: Who are you?

Thomas: I'm Thomas, this is my best friend Percy.

Percy: Um, Hello!

Emily: Hello, my name's Emily

Henry: I am Henry.

James: I'm James and this is Toby the Tram engine

Gordon: Hello, I'm Gordon.

Edward: My name's Edward.

Bash: I'm Bash!

Dash: I'm Dash!

Ferdinand: And I'm, Ferdinand!

Luke: My name's Luke.

Bertie: I'm Bertie.

Terence: I'm Terence.

Bill: I'm Bill and this is my twin, Ben.

Stephen: Stephen's the name.

Twilight: I'm Twilight Sparkle.

Applejack: Ah'm Applejack.

Fluttershy: I'm Fluttershy.

Pinkie: I'm Pinkie Pie.

Rarity: I am Rarity

Rainbow: Rainbow Dash

Spike: I'm Spike.

Shining Armor: I'm Shining Armor husband of, Princess Cadance.

Scootaloo: Name's Scootaloo.

Sweetie Belle: and I'm Sweetie Belle.

Apple Bloom: Apple Bloom.

Brian: I'm Brian Griffin.

Eevee: I'm Eevee, and this is my family: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Umbreon and my mother: Sylveon!

Selena: I am Selena.

Breon: My name's Breon.

King Solar Flare: Welcome to the kingdom of Equinelantis! Come, I shall escourt you all into the city.

Ernie: Squad B, go back and savage what you can. We'll rondivous with you later.

[The group drive across the bridge]

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