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Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom
is another movie of Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures Chronicles.


Equinelantis was the original kingdom of Equestria before Canterlot, but the great city sank down when a huge tidal wave crashed upon it. When they located a book called "The King's Journal" The Princesses and our heroes embark on a quest to find Equinelantis.


The Story of Equinelantis

Years ago, back when Equestria was smaller, there was a great kingdom called Equinelantis. Where Emperor Lunarlight rules all of Equestria while his son, and single father, Solar Flare resides with his 2 daughters: Celestia and Luna. Then soon a war broke out in the great city so in order to save her daughters, King Solar Flare had to send them to a safer passage. Soon the war ended, but then a flash of lightning strikes down in the ocean causing a huge tidal wave, and starts heading towards the city, the Empress was then called upon by the City's saicride diamond and it made a shield around the city and it sank down. 2 years later, greedy Spanish pirate equines have a copy of the King's Journal, looking for Equinelantis but one of the crew is afraid, claiming that there is a monster-like squid guarding the entrance. But the Captain threatens to kill anyone if they speak about this monster. Soon they were attack by robotic tentacles dragging the crew to their watery graves, including the captain then blows the ship up with a strike of lightning.

Present Year

At the present at Canterlot the Princesses, are busy studying on a item that they could use to find Equinelantis, "The King's Journal". A journal written by the King, that gives the exact directions to Equinelantis. Then Twilight walks in and asks what's troubling them. later the Princesses share about Equinelantis and how their father lived. Hoping that they could find the original kingdom of Equestria and their father lived in the great. Then also share that they've been searching for The King's Journal so they could use it to find the city and hopefully their father too. Then later on Yuna was in her favorite section of the castle library when she came across a unique book. She takes it to her mother.

The King's Journal

Yuna then gives the mysterious book to her mother, Luna then tells her daughter to bring in Princess Celestia. When Yuna does, the 2 elder Alicorns unwrap the book and discover it's The King's Journal! The 2 alicorns then share the book with the others, so they decide to go on a quest to find Equinelantis. They decide to invite some old friends to join them on the quest.

Out at Sea/the kraken attack

Soon everyone was on a ship, above the Pacific ocean. Inside the ship was a great submarine, thee they meet Ronald McDonald, his friends, and a few others joining their journey to the lost city. And Ernie introduced himself as captian. Once everyone boards the sub, they set off for the start to Equinelantis. Brian then notices Stewie and Diancie, on this quest to and much to his surprise. But later, they were soon attacked by a cybernetic kraken that guards the outside of Equinelantis. But soon they escaped on board mini-subs and soon reached the ancient highway that would lead to Equinelantis.

The Quest begins

Back at the film: They get organised and soon the quest for the lost kingdom begins. As they continue the road, they might found the entrance to Equinelantis. With Celestia and Luna using the King's Journal for their guide they are making fine progress. But they do run into a few obstacles, such as a huge cricket and a giant road block. Then soon they came to an old clearing just near a bridge with a odd glowing thing coming down from the ceiling.

Later that night/FIRE!!!

Later that night the group made camp for the night. The Princesses then shared how there was a page missing from the journal. And after sharing a few stories, they turned in for the night. Then some strange figures came to the camp and scoped the place but fled when Yuna had woken up. But Yuna then inadvertently woke up a swarm of fireflies. But these weren't regular, everyday fireflies. When Yuna tried to swatted them away with a cloth, and when it touched one, it caught fire! Yuna quickly alerted everyone else of the danger as they tried to fight the blaze but the fire was too intense, so intense that Elsa's ice blasts couldn't do any effect on it either. So they all began to flee across the bridge. But then the back of the bridge broke loose sending the whole convoy sliding down a hill and crashing into the bottom of a volcano. Luckily, the volcano wasn't active. But Luna and Celestia had landed somewhere away from the convoy and got injured in the act. Then the strange figures showed up again. Their leader saw that they were injured so his used his diamond necklace to heal them.

Equinelantis!/King Solar Flare

But then the sound of the machines' engines spook the figures away. But Luna and Celestia chase them then they see a light, when they come out of the mountain side followed by everyone else. They all are shocked to see Equinelantis! Then they were encountered by the same mysterious figures, Luna then manages to communicate with them. Then they leader removes his armor when Luna introduces her and Celestia and the figure reveals to be King Solar Flare, Celestia and Luna's father! The 3 alicorns all share an embrace, as everyone else is confused over the matter. Celestia then introduces Cadance to their father as he rest of the group introduce themselves to old king.

Exploring the city/The power of the city secrets

King Solar Flare then escorts the group to the main Throne room and introduces them to Emperor Lunarlight, Celesta and Luna's grandfather. But the poor Emperor is getting weak, and dying. But was surprise to see Luna and Celestia again. He tells King Solar Flare to them to show their friends the city, SpongeBob and Patrick are amazed by the Equine's bubbles, May, Dawn, Piplup, Squidward, Rarity, James, and Zoe Trent are enjoying their SPA. While Peter and the guys are amazed by there booze. Olaf is amazed by a summer paradise. Fluttershy has find many of the kingdom's animals interesting. Johnathan, Eddy, and Mr Krabs have find lots of jewels, money, treasures, and jaw breakers. Stewie, Edd, Sandy Cheeks, The Miner Trains, & the Planet Trains are interested in the amazing technology of the city, even helping Solar Flare to start a Dragonar (a dragon-like flying machine). After having a meal in the castle, Celestia, Luna and Solar Flare then go outside as Celestia and Luna explain to their father about the numerous times Tirek tried to kill them. Up to where he banished them to Tartarus. As Celestia then brings up Brian's near fall to the dark side of the Force, and explains that he insulted herself, Luna, and Cadance and they were foolish to transfer their magic to Twilight instead of fighting Tirek themselves, as Celestia admits that Brian was infact right. As The 2 younger alicorns claim they've failed him. But Solar Flare tells them they could never fail him as he tells them how he, their mother, and grandparents would've handled it differently if they were in their shoes. As Celestia and Luna then share about some of the times where Tirek tried to get them. (Even mentioning how Darth Maul and Godzilla helped them fight him in previous adventures.)

Then King Solar Flare shares with his daughters about the power of the city, and how he and many of the kingdom have lost their ability to read their own language. And he wishes to find out about the history of the city, the 3 then explore a pool of the secrets of the city and find out about the heart of the city.

Ernie's true colors

Back at the film: The 3 alicorns return to the surface, and see Ernie and his men armed. And he reveals he has stolen a page from the book, and secretly lead Diesel, Arry, Bert, Ahuizotl, Dr. Caballeron, and some Stormtroopers to the city. The alicorns then figure out that they're after the sacride diamond. They invade the throne room and Ernie beats the Emperor and demands him where the diamond is. But Emperor Lunarlight reveals to by a Powerful Jedi Knight and engages Ernie in a duel. But Ernie manages to get the slip and mortally stabs Lunarlight. He then threatens to shoot him and gives him the count of 10 to tell him. But before he can say "9" Zecora uses one of her leg rings to next his gun out of hand. Then Ernie discovers the location of the secret way to the diamond. He takes the 2 sisters and Sideshow Bob to the bottom, and asks Celestia how to get the diamond, but she doesn't know. Then King Solar Flare, is chosen by the diamond, and he is bonded to it, and has turned into the diamond.

The Emperor's story of the Diamond/Going after Ernie

Ernie and the other then load the diamond onto a truck, then Ernie punches the 2 alicorns, and even harms Cadance leading Zeb to try and attack him with his Bo-Rifle only to be shocked with Force Lightning and Brian gets in a short duel with Ernie, Ernie easily defeated him. The villains leave and Three-Claw destroys the bridge, meanwhile the medics are examining the Emperor. He tells his 2 grandchildren and their family to come he explains about the diamond and it's power. The he explains how the diamond has developed a consciousness; it will find a royal host when Equinelantis is in danger. But if they stay bonded to the diamond they will lost. Before he passes away he gives his remaining Magic to Thomas and gives his diamond necklace to his grandchildren and telling them to save Equinelantis and King Solar Flare. Then Lunalight dies, the 2 alicorns grieve sadly over his loss but encouraged by Barret, Hiro and their daughters that she can still save her father, Celestia decides to go after Ernie. Wherese Double-D teaches the other equines of Equinelantis how to drive the Meanwhile the villains blow up the top of the volcano preparing to leave.

Battle in the volcano

Our heroes persuade in the volcano, and soon get into battle. The Autobots destroyed the cannons, while some of our heroes are fighting the planes in their own planes. As the battle went on Sunil inadvertanly discovered a a way to make the Dragonars fire an energy blast which could be used to counteract Ernie's forces. Then Daring Do and Indy prusade Ahuizotl and Dr. Caballeron. Using his revolver, Jones shoots and kills Dr. Caballeron, then Daring Do shoots out the engines on Ahuizotl's plane. Then once it crashes, Jake kills Ahuizotl and his cats. As our heroes are now winning against the team of villains.

Celestia and Luna vs. Ernie

Celestia and Luna crash their ship into the airship then tackle Ernie down then he tries to choke them but Luna kicks him off to a railing, and grabs on. Brian, picks up one of the soldiers' bazookas and fire at the airship main controls. As Ernie then almost stabs Celestia with one of his Lightsabers but Luna saves her by stabbing Ernie in the leg with a glass shard. As the 3 break out into a really deadly duel, as Ernie then uses the Force to throw several objects at the 2 but Luna catches one and throws it back, scoring a direct hit. As Ernie then tires use Force Lighting on them as they fire back with Magic but the 2 sisters start to channel the Force within their magic blasts, which proves to be stronger than Ernie's Force Lightning as it fights against it. When it explodes, sending Ernie flying back as the 2 alicorns charge him with their sabers ignite as Ernie catches them with his own sabers and starts to push against them to where they are at the edge of the walkway but Luna slides underneath and destroys one of the Lightsabers. Which the broken bits slightly cut the chains holding the crate with Solar Flare inside it. As Celestia furiously fights Ernie till they come into a blade lock while Ernie monologues that Celestia is useless without her students. Which proves to be the final straw for Celestia as she pulls out her gun and shoots Ernie fatally in the abdomen. Which Erna falls to his knees where Luna points her saber at him as he claims that striking him down is not the Jedi Way. While Luna admits that is true; but she is not killing him in anger but in Justice as she delivers a fatal slash to Ernie's chest, but then suddenly another rocket hits the ship causing it to lopside and which the 3 slide down the top of the crate and while the 2 alicorns grab on, the now beaten Ernie slides off and fall into one of the propellers and is killed. While the chains holding the crate break completely sending it and the 2 Alicorns falling down.

Saving Equinelantis

The crate and the Princesses fall to the ground and land with a hard beat. Then the rest of the airship crashes onto the ground, in which it causes the volcano to be unleashed. Quickly, they try to lift the crate with one of the ships but the hook breaks off. Don't wanting to lose their father the Princesses wrap a chain around the crate and lift it themselves. They all manage to fly out of the volcano just as lava starts to flow out. Once they land back in the city the team break open the crate and freed King Solar Flare. The diamond summons giant statues and create a force field, protecting the whole city from the lava. Then when the basalt cover falls to pieces the King is release from the diamond's grasp and returned. He then embraces his daughters.

City Resurfaces

As the chaos is over everyone is preparing to head back home. But the King has something else in mind. And thinks that the city should be resurfaced. So all alicorns young and old use their magic with help from the diamond, Blue Ruby, Black Pearl, Elements of Harmony, the Matrix of Leadership, The Train-Prime's Matrix, Shining Armor, and Twilight; the city then starts to rumble as a huge force field engulfs the whole city. Then suddenly, the whole city starts to raise. Back on the surface, outside Canterlot, the ground starts to rumble. Some of the ponies then look to see what's going on then the ground opens up 

Equinelantis has Returned!/Ending

The many ponies outside were astonished of the great city that stood before them. Our heroes then reveal King Solar Flare to public. Optimus tells Cross-Hairs, Drift, and Hound to stay in Equinelantis. Then sends a message out to any other Autobots and Trainbots of how Equinelantis has returned and if they can, come to the great city to protect from anymore harm.



  1. The Story of Equinelantis
  2. Present Year
  3. The King's Journal
  4. Out at Sea/the Kraken attacks
  5. The Quest begins
  6. Later that night/FIRE!!!
  7. Equinelantis!/King Solar Flare
  8. Exploring the city/The power of the city secrets
  9. General Horick's true colors
  10. The Emeperor's story of the diamond/Going after Horick
  11. Battle in the volcano
  12. Celestia and Luna vs Horick
  13. Saving Equinelantis
  14. City Resurfaces
  15. Equinelantis has returned!/Ending


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  4. Pirates of the Caribbean theme
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