Eric McKnight

Conner's twin brother, Eric McKnight, the airhead who flunked out of the Wind Academy, was chosen by a new evil, Orgoth (descendant of Aku), to become an evil Ranger. Thanks to him, his intelligence increased tenfold, right after fighting off some Kelzaks. After being taken and corrupted, his personality became almost like Sasuke Uchiha (from Naruto); dark, cold, and bitterly jealous of Conner being a straight-A student that graduated. When he found out he became a Power Ranger, Eric's hatred intensified enough for him to accept Orgoth's offer, screaming in rage as he was taken.

After becoming the Black Ranger, Eric became the most formidable opponent the Ninja Storm Rangers ever faced, easily defeating all six of them. He also overpowered the Dino Thunder Rangers. He thought no one could handle him. But he hadn't counted on two new Ninja Storm Rangers; Marah and Kapri, the Orange and Pink Wind Rangers. He fought the two with all his might, but the twins managed to beat him before the other Ninja Storm Rangers and the Dino Thunder Rangers recovered and finished him off. Not only was he defeated, but Orgoth's evil spell on Eric was broken. The reformed Eric, remorseful for what he did, apologized to the Rangers. Sensei Kanoi informed Eric how he was actually impressed with his skills as a Ranger, despite how he was corrupted. He informed him that he was no longer a dropout, but a graduate, giving him a Ninja Storm Morpher of his own, one that looks just like the one Orgoth gave him, but 100% pure good. Feeling ecstatic, Eric accepted, becoming one of the Ninja Storm Rangers. Plus, his improved intelligence stayed with him, making him as smart as Conner.