This is how Ernie's arrival goes in Ernie the Dragon Hunter.

[we return to Equestria, where we see ships and Ernie hops out]

Ernie: King Solar Flare!

[The said alicorn then comes forth]

King Solar Flare: Ernie. It's been a while since your percious city.

Ernie: Indeed. And I bet you remeber this. [he then shows Queen Starshine's necklace]

King Solar Flare: [gasp] Starshine.

Ernie: I knew you'd remember this. [throws it to him]

King Solar Flare: How could I? I could never forget my own wife. I remember vividly how you killed her. IN FRONT ME AND CELLY!

Ernie: I never forget. That's right! I killed, Queen Starshine, the queen of Equinelantis!

[everyone gasps]

Brian: (whispers) That monster!

Ernie: And now, [pulls out his .45 colt] you'll be joining her.

[Fires but the bullet is blasted by a magic beam]

Princess Celesita: Get away from him!

Ernie: Princess Celestia, look how much you've grown up. Not since the day your mother was killed.


[we now see Ernie with King Solar Flare and Queen Starshine]

Ernie: We just want that diamond, now please, hand it over.

King Solar Flare: You will never rule over our kindgom!

Ernie: So be it. [takes out his .45 colt and shoots Starshine!] 

Queen Starshine: UH!

King Solar Flare: STARSHINE!!!

[in the shadows, we see Princess Celestia (as a young foal)]

Princess Celestia: MOTHER!!!

Guard: My star! He shot her!

Ernie: [cackles] That'll show you.

Captain: Seize him!

[Howver Ernie disapears and flashback ends]

Ernie: You see this? [takes out a Darksaber] This was my wife's Darksaber, Nichole. She was my lover. [starts weeping] And Brian, YOU KILLED HER!!!!

[Flashback we see Brian dueling Nichole then she cuts her stomach]

Nichole: UH!!

Ernie: [looks back and see Nichole slowly falling] NICHOLE!!! [kills a trooper and runs to her] Nichole?

Nichole: Ernie, my love... go.... lead our armies to victory. [closes her eyes]

Ernie: No... NOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Ernie: I know claim her sword as mine. And I pretend it's always her.

Sideshow Bob: Shall I give the order, boss?

Ernie: No, I have a better idea. Bring out the prisoners!

[the Human Mane 6 are brought into the scene]

SpongeBob: Wow, cool! Human versions of Twilight's friends.

Blackie: Yeah. But what does he want them for?

Ernie: Sideshow Bob, give me Twilight Sparkle.

Human Twilight: No!

Ernie: [throws her down and takes out his gun] Now, you've got 2 seconds.

King Solar Flare: Wait! You don't have to do this!

Ernie: [points his gun at Twilight's head] I can if I have to.

Human Twilight: Please don't shoot me, please!

Brian: Let her go, Ernie! Let her go!

Human Twilight: [crying] Help me, please!

Brian: Let her go, Ernie! I'm warning you!

Ernie: Why would you just make me?

Brian: Ernie, I mean it!

[as they argue Yoda is sneaking up behind]

Brian: Get away from that little girl NOW!

Human Twilight: Brian!

Brian: Shoot her, and I'll kill you!

Ernie: [shoots a few feet were Brian is standing]

Brian Oh, God! LET HER GO!!!

Ernie: [to Twilight] Say your prayers.

[then suddenly, Bilbo Baggins tackles Ernie]

Bilbo: You're not killing anyone!

Ernie: A hobbit!

Yoda: [war cry]

[Yoda then appears and frees the Human Mane 6 and then Force pushes Ernie]

Ernie: Master Yoda.

Yoda: Ernie.

Ernie: We meet again.

Yoda: Yes.

Ernie: You interfear with our refers, for the last time. [forces an object to hit Yoda, but Yoda force pushes it. Ernie does another one but Yoda does it again, then Ernie uses rock from the ceiling to fall. But Yoda force pushes it away]

Yoda: Powerful you are, earthling. The Darkside I sense in you.

Ernie: I've become more powerful than any Jedi. [shows his hand] [shoots out lightning] Even you.

Yoda: [deflects it to a ball, and back to Ernie. But Ernie force pushes it to the ceiling, deflects more at Yoda but were off]

Yoda: Much to learn. You still.

Ernie: It is ovicous that this contest, cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force. [deploys his lightsaber] But by our skills with a lightsaber. [draws his lightsbaer]

Yoda: [deploys his green lightsaber, and they both dualed] Thought well you have.

Ernie: Say your prayers to them. [he then Force lifts one of the pillars and then tries to drop it on the Human Mane 6]

Human Rarity: (Shreiks)

[Yoda stops the pillar from falling]

Ernie: It won't be long till my weapon rises.

Pepper Clark: But you already have a gun! And a lightsaber!

Ernie: Silence! Men! Attack.

[Ernie's then advance forward and then the human Mane 5 help our heroes]

Peter: Your helping us?

Human Rainbow: Yeah.

[both sides battle and then a fimalar roar is heard]

Yuna: Come on, girl!

Ernie: Ah. The dragon rider.

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