Here's how Ernie's existence is exposed and General Skull's death goes in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[we sideswipe to Chris as he leaves the senate]

Clothed figure: Hello, Chris.

Chris: Oh, it's you again.

Clothed figure: Whatcha' doing?

Chris: I was just informing the Senate that Brian has engaged General Skull.

Clothed figure: Ah. I see.

Chris: But I really should be there with him, helping him.

Clothed figure: Don't you ever know why they won't rank you as a master?

Chris: I don't know. But, more and more, I feel like... I'm being excluded from the council. I know there are things about the Force, they aren't telling me.

Cloaked Figure: It would seem they don't trust, Chris. They see your future, and know your power will be too strong too control. If you wanna get to learn more about the Force, then you have to break through the fog of lies the Jedi have created around you. Let me help you know the sentleties of the Force.

Chris: How do you know the ways of the Force?

Ernie: Because, my mentor told me everything about the Force. Even the Dark side.

Chris: You know the Dark side?

Ernie: Chris, if one is understand the great mystery, one most study all its asspects. Not just the dull, manic view of the Jedi. If you wanna became a great and wise leader, than you have to embrace the larger view of the Force. Be catious of the Jedi, Chris. Only through me you can you achieve a true power greater than any Jedi Knight that's ever lived. Learn the side of the Dark Side, and you'll be able to learn how to save Princess Celesita from any death.

Chris: What did you just say?

Ernie: Use my knowledge, I beg you.

Chris: [notices a yellow feather on the ground at the figure's feet] Really. Is that so... [he then uses the Force to decloak the figure and it's Ernie!] Ernie! [draws his Lightsaber and ignites it as he points it at Ernie's neck] You're the one who started this war!

Ernie: I know what's been troubling you, Chris. Listen to me, don't continue to be a pawn of the Jedi Council.

Chris: Why should I trust you?

Ernie: Because I can help you get a life greater than any oridinary Jedi Knight, a life of significance.

[Chris points his saber at him]

Ernie: Are you going to kill me?

Chris: Believe me, I would certainly like to!

Ernie: I know. I can feel your anger, it makes you stronger. And gives you focus.

Chris: [extinguishes his saber] I'm gonna report you to the council.

Ernie: You should. But you're not sure of their intentions, are you?

Chris: I'll soon learn the answers to all this.

Ernie: You have great wisdom, Chris. Learn to use the Dark Side and you'll be able to save Princess Celestia.

[we sideswipe back to Tatooine where we see Brian continuing his pursuit of General Skull]

General Skull: [gets a electro staff]

[Brian then starts getting along side General Skull's speeder]

[General Skull delivers jabs to Brian but he manages to get the electro-staff out of his grip as he tries to stop the speeder as he then delivers a jab to Skull which he is pull on. As the speeder continues onward, Brian and Skull fight as Skull draws his Blaster pistol and tries to shoot Brian but they fall down as the speeder crashes into a rock and explodes]

[Skull then tries to shoot Brian but Brian knocks his blaster pistol from his grip with the electro-staff and delivers a few jabs to Skull, but he kicks him off]

[Skull then walks over to Brian and punches him  and ties to punch Brian again misses]

[As Brian then opens his chest plate, Skull smacks him]

Brian: Uh!

[Skull then kicks Brian and then tries to stomp him as Brian rolls out of the way of his feet, as he then kicks Skull in the shin, but it doesn't have any effect]

Brian: [holding his leg] Ow!

Skull: [laughs evily]

[Skull thenpicks up Brian by the throat, and throws him to the canyon wall, as he then picks up the Electro-staff and starts walking towards]

Brian: [uses the Force to grab Skull's blaster and he blasts his chest]

Skull: [drops the Electro-staff and growls]

[Brian then fires 4 more shots at Skull's chest as the chest blows up]

Brian: So uncivilized. [throws the blaster away and looks at Skull's body]