This is where General Horick shows his true colors in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[The alicorns return to the surface, and then are shocked at the sight before them]

General Horick: You 3 have a nice family swim?

[the camera then zooms out showing some old villains and Ernie's soldiers' still armed with M16's and AK-47s as well as bazookas]

Princess Luna: What, what is this?

Yuna: Mama! You're back!

Princess Celestia: What's going on?

Zoe Trent: We don't know, we just saw Ernie's men armed with rifles and standing here so we came to see what was up.

Princess Luna: Hold on. We are such fools! This is a treasure hunt for you, you're after the diamond of the city.

Ernie: Oh, you mean this? [shows the picture]

Pepper Clark: Hey! He's got the missing page to the journel!

Princess Celestia: You have no idea what you're dealing with! [gets out of the water]

Ernie: What's to know, Princess? It's big and shiny, and it's gonna make us all rich.

Princess Luna: [gets out of the water] You think it's a treasure, we thought it was a battery. But we're all wrong, it's their power, their lifespan! The diamond is the only thing keeping our father's kingdom alive!

Princess Celestia: You mean to tell us, you lied to us from the start?

Ernie: Uh, wait. (thinks a for moment) Yeah, yeah it was a lie.

King Solar Flare: [gets out] If you take that diamond out, my whole kingdom will die!

General Horick: So what? To the throne!

[when they arrive in the throneroom Ernie's men are searching for anything that could lead to the diamond]

Ernie: Ah, just who I wanted to see.

Mako: Who did you expect? The Grinch?

Ernie: Talk to me Princesses, where is it kept?

Princess Luna: We don't know, all is says, "The heart of Equinelantis lies within the view of their emperor." And nothing else more.

Ernie: Okay. Maybe Old Emperor Cole can shed some light. So where is it?

Emperor Lunarlight: You will destory yourself.

Ernie: Maybe I'm not being clear. [takes out his bowie knife]

Emperor Lunarlight: [gets up on his hooves] I still you're a cold blooded type. Very fitting for a Sith Lord like you.

Ernie: [shocked to hear the Emperor call him a "Sith"] How did you...

Emperor Lunarlight: I sense the Dark Side within you. Plus, your anger and hatred, and lust for power. [walks down from his throne] Please, I may not look like one, but I myself am a Jedi Master. The Old Republic was part of Equinelantis 1700 years ago.

Ernie: Well, that diamond will soon be mine and I'll have all the power I've ever wanted!

Emperor Lunarlight: Not, if I have anything to say about it! [Force pushes Ernie]

Ernie: AAAAH!!!! [flies back and slams into the wall and falls to the ground]

Emperor Lunarlight: I may be old, but I haven't lost all my strength yet.

Ernie: I'm not letting you interfear with my refers. [forces an object to hit Lunarlight, but Lunarlight force pushes it. Ernie does another one but Lunarlight does it again, then Ernie uses rock from the ceiling to fall. But Lunarlight force pushes it away

Emperor Lunarlight: I'm not just any simple Jedi, rooster. I too was a Grand Jedi Master as Strong as Master Yoda. And I still am. [Force leaps forward and stands in front of Ernie] [he puts down his cane and grabs his saber] If you're so powerful, then why not try to fight you're way in? If you won't even try to go into duel against powerful Jedi, than you're coward. [ignites his saber]

Ernie: I've become more powerful than any Jedi. [uses Force Lightning] Even you!

[but Emperor Lunarlight deflects it with his saber]

Emperor Lunarlight: You still have a lot to learn.

Ernie: It is obvious that this contest, cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force. But by our skills with a Lightsaber. [force draws one of his sabers and ignites the blade] You won't stop me from getting your power. I will soon become supreme ruler of all the universe!

Emperor Lunarlight: Your faith in the Dark Side of Force may be very misplaced. For it will only lead to your downfall.

[Ernie then leaps forwartd as Lunarlight does the same and they clash sabers with each other as Lunarlight is jumping all around Ernie, and despite being very Elderly, Lunarlight accually proves to be a challenge for Ernie. But as they continue clashing Ernie gives a good kick to Lunarlight, and in the stun moment he takes out his knife and stabs him!]

Princess Celestia: [gasps]

King Solar Flare: Father!

Storm Trooper: Sir, this wasn't part of the plan!

Ernie: Plans change trooper. [takes a seat] We'll do something different. [pulls out his pistol]

Twilight: Oh no.

Ernie: I'm gonna give you 10 seconds, Emperor. 1, [cocks pistol] 2, 3, 4, 5,

[but as Ernie's counting, Zecora's sliding one of her leg rings off]

Ernie: 8,

[but before he can say "9"]

Zecora: [throws her ring]

[the ring hits Ernie's pistol, causing it to misfire and fly out of his grip]

Ernie: Ahh!

[but then suddenly, King Solar Flare does a Force Repulse, sending all soldiers flying]

King Solar Flare: YOU DARE TO ATTACK A KING?! [ignites his Lightsaber]

[all soldiers open fire at Solar Flare but he deflects all shots and then kills each of the soilders as he pauses]

King Solar Flare: I will not be undermined by beings lead by some poultry!

Ernie: [growls] That's Mr. Poultry to... [sees something and then looks at the cover of the journal]

Stormtrooper: What is it sir?

[the big symbol on the floor macthes the one on the book's cover]

Ernie: The Heart of Equinelantis lies within the view of their emperor." This is it! We're in!

Princess Celestia: What?!

Princess Luna: Ernie, you really don't know what you're dealing with!

[Ernie steps on the symbol then it starts sinking]

Twilight: What's going on?

Sideshow Bob: It's a secret door!

Ernie: Hurry, get on!

[They went down and there in the air was the diamond, glowing brightly]

Sideshow Bob: Whoa.

Ernie: There it is.

[they hit the bootm]

Ernie: Jackpot. It's beautiful. More than a thousand treasures!

King Solar Flare: It can't be. [kneals down and start to pray]

Ernie: Princess, could you tell your father to postpone that for a while?

Princess Luna: Father. I'm sorry.

Ernie: [kicks a pebble into the pond]

[the diamond starts to glow red and starts scanning the room]

Sideshow Bob: Okay, can we leave? I don't like this place.

Ernie: Yeah, yeah, just a second.

Princess Celestia: Okay, there's a huge diamond floating 150 feet above us, over a pit of water. Doesn't that seem Strange?

Ernie: Like how strange?

[as they speak the diamond then points to the king as his necklace floats]

King Solar Flare: Mother.

Ernie: So how do we move it?

Princess Luna: We don't know how, you dumb birdbrain! We don't even know how it's floating up there!

[the King walks by]

Ernie: What's going on?

Princess Celestia: All the journel says is, "The power source is alive." We don't know how to explain it.

Ernie: Could you simplfy that?

Pincess Luna: We can't! We were sent away from here years ago! We don't know anything about it! We're doing the best we can here!

Ernie: Well, please do better. [reaches for his pistol]

Princess Celestia: I got a better idea, why don't you read and we'll wave the guns around!

King Solar Flare: [speaks Equinelantian]

Ernie: What'd he say?

Princess Celestia: We didn't catch it.

King Solar Flare: [starts walking toward the diamond and then stops right underneath it]

[The heads opened up]

[then all beams hit the King and then rises up into the diamond, as the heads spin around it. Then the heads slow down and the King is now bonded to the diamond. And then he floats down]

Sideshow Bob: Okay. Now, I'm freaked out.

Princess Celestia: [is about top go to her father]

Ernie: Hold your horses.

Princess Luna: Father. Father.

[King Solar Flare starts walking up to them as the heads fall into the pool of.]

Ernie: [is about ot touch him]

Princess Luna: No, don't. Don't touch him.