Here's how Ernie teams up with Tirek in Thomas' Place as a Prime.

[Tirek is getting ready to eat another crystal, when Ernie stops him]

Ernie: Tirek, what's up?

Tirek: Ernie. You're alive?

Ernie: As a bird.

Tirek: I commend you on your survival.

Ernie: I came to restore your youth.

Tirek: How did you...

Ernie: Listen, I heard you are after an "Ark". And I came to your greatness. And I have an idea.

Tirek: How?

Ernie: If you and I can get that Ark, we can use Megatrain's army to rule the galaxy. And you and I will be the new Sith Lords, and no one can stop us!

Tirek: I like the sound of that.

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