Here's how Ernie faces off Captain Emerald and Chris turns to the dark side in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[we then sideswipe to the Senate building where we watch Captain Emerald and 3 other Royal Jedi Guards walking towards one of the offices]

Ernie: I'm afraid the Senate is restricted for Jedi, like you Emerald.

Captain Emerald: In the name of the Jedi Council and the Republic; (draws and ignites his Lightsaber) You're under arrest, Rooster!

[the other 3 Guards draw and ignite their Lightsaber Pikes]

Ernie: Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?

Captain Emerald: Te Senate will be in charge of your fate.

Ernie: [snarling] I am the Senate!

Captain Emerald: Not yet, you aren't!

Ernie: Then it's treason. [deploys one of his lightsabers]

[Ernie then leaps forward and spins around as he then stabs one of the guards]

Guard #1: AAH!

[as Ernie then slashes the second guard in the chest]

Guard #2: YAH!!

[as Ernie clashes sabers with Emerald and the 3rd guard but the 3rd guard is killed when Ernie slashes his back, as Emerald continues to fight Ernie as they head down a hallway clashing sabers furiously at each other, as they come into a blade lock]

Ernie: [strains against Emerald]

[just then Chris lands at the landing dock and races into the building]

[as Ernie and Emerald continue their duel as they approach a huge room with a big window as their sabers then shatter the glass of the window, as they clash sabers again but then Emerald delivers Force buck to Ernie sending him flying back and his saber falls from his grip as Ernie is now cornered as Emerald keeps his saber pointed at Ernie's neck, just as Chris then runs into the room]

Captain Emerald: You... are... under... arrest.., Rooster!

Ernie: No! No! NO!!! YOU MUST DIE!!! [zaps lighting]

[But as Ernie fires the Force Lightning, Emerald blocks it with his saber and deflects it back at him]

Ernie: HE'S A TRAITOR!!!


Ernie: I have the power to save the one who need to protect! You must choose!

Captain Emerald: Don't listen to this psycho, Chris!

Ernie: Please, don't let him kill me! [as the Force Lightning continues, Ernie starts to lose his strength] I can't hold off any longer! I... I... can't! Chris! Help! (the Force Lightning stops) Help me! I cvan't fight back any longer.

Captain Emerald: I am going to end this madness, permentally!

Chris: But you can't! He has to stand trial!

Captain Emerald: This psychopath has control of the Senate and the Curts! He's too dangerious to be left alive!

Ernie: I'm too weak. Don't kill me! I'm begging you!

Chris: But it's not The Jedi Way! He has to live!

Ernie: Please, I'm begging you! Don't!

Chris: I need him!

Captain Emerald: NO!! THIS ENDS, RIGHT NOW!!! [he brings his saber back ready to strike Ernie]


Chris: NO!!!!!

[Chris then ignites his own saber and then cuts off Emerald's horn at the last second!]

Captain Emerald: GAH!!!! [grabs his head where his horn was cut off as his saber falls out the window] AH!!

Ernie: [zaps him] POWER!!!!!!!!!!!


[Chris watches in horror as he deactivates his lightsaber]

Ernie: UNLIMITED, POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

[Emerald gets thrown out the window]

Ernie: [sighs]


[Chris then steps back as he drops his Saber as Ernie stands up]

Ernie: You're furfilling your destiny, Chris. Join my side and learn to use the Dark Side of the Force.

Chris: [panting as he gets on his knees] I will do what ever you ask of me.

Ernie: Good.

Chris: Just... help me.. Protect Princess Celestia, as well as Sunset, and Sunrise. I can't live if they die.

Ernie: To cheat death, is a power only one can acheive. But if we work together, we can learn this power's secret.

Chris: I pledge mysewlf to your teachings, Master.

Ernie: Good. The Force is strong with you. A powerful Sith Lord, you will become. From this moment you'll be known as... Darth Griffin.

Chris: As you wish, Master. Thank you.

Ernie: Rise, my apprentice.

[at the same time, Princess Luna senses Chris's turn to the Dark Side]

Ernie: Because the council didn't trust. I believe you're the only one who has learned what happened here. When the rest of the Jedi learned what happened here, they'll kill us along with the Senators.

Chris: I agree, the next move will be against the Senate.

Ernie: Yes. Every single Jedi is now an enemy.

Chris: I understand.

Alter: We must move quickly. If the Jedi are not destroyed, we'll be at civial war without end. First, I want you to go to the temple and kill all the Jedi, and next I want you to go to the Equinelantis Jedi Temple, and capture all the Force sensitive beings and the top Jedi Masters and take them to Kamino, and will execute the Sepreatist leaders, and do what must be done, Lord Griffin. And only then you'll be strong with the Dark Side. Once more, I'll rule the galaxy! And we shall have peace.

[we then sideswipe to the temple where we see an army of clones going into it, with Chris leading them]