Escape from Pangea Island Part 2 is the twenty-sixth episode of the eighth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


On Pangea Island, Yuna and her friends were trying to get home. With the help of their new friends, Hugo and Rita,They'll do anything to make it out alive.

Back on Pangea Island

As Hugo and Rita help Yuna and her friends, they ran into a Titanoboa and a Smilodon, So they ran for their lives.

Spending the night/Telling stories

That night, They've found a safe place to spend the night and wait for help to arrive. Later, they tell stories about their lives.

Raptors attack!/The Rescue

The next morning, As Yuna and her friends were getting close to shore, They've encountered the Raptors. Then, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice and the Rescue Rangers snatched the foals, their guardians, Dusty, Hugo and Rita and got them home to Equestria.

Reunion/Safe home

Back at Canterlot, Prince Hiro and Princess Luna were so glad Yuna's safe. As a reward for Hugo and Rita, Princess Celestia made them Jungle Guides. She even give Rita a collar and she and Hugo are a part of the royalties' most humble associates.




  1. Back on Pangea Island
  2. Spending the night/Telling stories
  3. Raptors attack!/The Rescue
  4. Reunion/Safe home

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